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    My wife and I are planning to relocate to Louisville, KY from West Palm Beach, FL in the very near future and I would like to inquire about employment with UPS as an aircraft maintenance tech.
    I have 24 years experience with commercial aviation and I have not see any employment opportunities within the airline / aircraft division of UPS.
    Does anyone know where I can submit my resume for consideration?


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    Thanks for the link cachsux...
    I feel for my A&P brothers and know all too well of their plight as I was around for Eastern and Pan Am airlines.
    These are different times we are living in and I am sure there will be an equitable solution. UPS is no different from any other business out there and the economy is hurting everyone.

    As for me... I can't afford to live in south Florida anymore and statistically speaking, the cost of living in KY is approximately 30% less than where I am and there is more job opportunities. There is nothing in FL as far as aviation goes.
    I worked on UPS planes (B727's) before UPS was an airline and they were contracting out for pilots and maintenance and I worked a few months at SDF as one of the contractors.
    Even with the current issues going on with the union and UPS, I am sure this will be resolved by the time I will be relocating (approx 6 to 8 months) and UPS is my best bet for employment.

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    Love your avatar!
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    Move to Memphis and hire on with FEDX, they pay $33 an hour with your experience not $21 like UPS
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    Thanks for the tip...
    However, I have been to both Memphis and Louisville and frankly, I like Louisville better.
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    Hey hshi,
    I saw that your interested in moving to Louisville, that's great. I am not sure about the jobs that your interested in, but the economy is down everywhere I assume. I know that it is picking up slowly, but anyway-I am a Realtor here, my business is up & down. Saw that you had a Real Estate co. in Fla. If you don't have any contacts here in Louisville, I would love to help you out-have lived here all my life, & know the town very well. Check out my website, & give me a call, would love to show you & your family around Louisville. There are also a lot of lease/options at the moment for families like yourselves, & b/c of market here, just happy to have a family in a home. Good Luck!
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    Get in line Ups has about 150 AMTs on layoff now.