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    You lot in the USA are having an election or someting are you not?

    Its been getting a fair amount of coverage on the TV in the UK. About 23 and a half hours of the day are taken up by programming that relates to America.

    I'm not much of a politics person but a few shows have been looking into other aspects of the American life.

    We have a series featuring a guy called Stephen Fry who travelled around in a Black London Taxi cab visiting all 50 states. Very interesting it was too.

    The thing that amazed me most was the sheer size of some of the states and the sparse populations. Montana and Wyoming spring to mind. I expect there are threads on here regarding remote deliveries. I haven't found one yet though.

    In the U.K population density is high and I doubt any part of our mainland is more than 90 miles from a UPS facility. I saw a story on a couple who worked a cattle ranch in Montana that was a two day drive to the nearest town!

    What does UPS have in place to accomadate delivering to addresses like these?

    Do any users on here work on remote routes?

    Or are you too busy driving to be on the internet?:happy-very:
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    This is how we do it.:happy-very:

    Amberly Airshow 2008 ~ C-130 Globemaster parachute drop demo...
  3. helenofcalifornia

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    Babs, what would you do if you couldn't access Youtube for all your clips? And we are all the richer for it.

    Give me a rural route any day. 170-200 miles, 50 stops, 10 pickups....the recipe for a good day.
  4. dilligaf

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  5. SmithBarney

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    Helen, one of my favorite cover routes, that I covered quite a bit
    was about 250 miles 60-70stops spec with 1-2 pickups.. it was my favorite
    until it regularly started getting 85-95 stops.. Went from a leisurely 10hr plan
    to a manic 12hr race.. not so bad in summer.. but in winter it really hurt.
    It was about 8/SPORH
  6. Brown287

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    I say to all the city drivers that I will take 190 miles anyday over 190 stops. Besides its nice to actually find out what the heater is really for, because when your in and out of the truck every 30 seconds in the city you really cant injoy the ammeneties of the new trucks.
  7. trplnkl

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    Shuuuush...In my center there are several higher seniority in town drivers that think running a rural route would suck, let them keep thinking that.
  8. dilligaf

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    I'm with you on that TRPL. I like the rural rtes that I do.
  9. helenofcalifornia

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    Too funny about the heater. That is the only time I run the heater is when I am on a rural route. And it's nice when they work. The new trucks are a DREAM!!!

    My Christmas and New Year wish is that every driver gets one of the new "Workhorses" to drive. The bigger trucks are easier to drive than the smaller ones too. Go figure. I would never have had any shoulder injuries if I had been driving this truck my career here.

    CBUK, set up a definite time on the weekend for a chat. I am sure there are many of us that would like to see how things run on the "other side."
  10. CBUK

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    I'll see what I can do. I'm busy this coming weekend, Poker tournament. but most Sundays I'm online in the afternoons.

    Thats like 9am in Pacific USA.

    Is anyone gonna answer my question?:happy2:
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    There are some areas in one zip code covered by my center where we just dont deliver because it is way too far to send the driver, I'd assume thats how those super remote areas work too.
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    That's a good show. I've been downloading the DVRs of that show. It's always interesting to see/hear about our country from "outsiders"