Republican Debate 9-12-11

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. moreluck

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    Good Debate. Just about anybody on that dais would be better than Obama.....maybe with the exception of Ron Paul. He got a few boos tonight for his 9-11 comments.

    I think Perry got a few boos too for his vaccination debacle in Texas.

    Herman Cain was good, but the guy just doesn't have the machinery behind him.

    Rick Santorum did well, as did Newt. However Mitt was the star of the evening IMO.

    I think Michelle is going to become a non-entity soon.
  2. moreluck

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  3. toonertoo

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    I thought Mitt sucked, I think Michelle gleened, I think Perry got slammed, I think santorum is a non entity, as is Huntsman. I think Paul hit a home run even with the boos, and as always, I think Herman Cain, did the best. Of course if they gave him more time, He could hang himself.
  4. bbsam

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    Take a step back in time and they'd do it for him.

    P.S. It's a joke. Relax.
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    As long as he was on a stage with Republicans he would be fine. Remember it was the democrats that wanted to continue slavery, filibuster the civil rights act, and generally treat blacks as second class citizens.
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    I can't be the first to point out how attitudes of the respective parties have shifted over the years.
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    The debate was filled with no answers and the same rhetoric that means nothing. Bachman still touting how she is the leader in congress (even though shes accomplished nothing), Perry mis stating his record, Mitt talking about how he grew jobs when in fact he cut jobs, Cain talking nonsense, Santorum sounding like a right wing kook, NEWT talking in one line jokes, and RON PAUL sounding the most intelligent of all the candidates.

    Thats when you know your political party is in trouble.

    Ron Paul, bless his heart. He's the only one with enough "sack" to say it like it is. The rest, well, its the same old tired talking points.

    They all have a plan to cut taxes, but NONE of them has a plan to PAY FOR IT.

    Bachman wants to cut corporate taxes to zero, ok, lets say we do that, show me a list of companies who will pledge to return their manufacturing jobs to the USA when that happens. Get a list of committed corporations who will sign a pledge that says if corp taxes are reduced to zero, they will come back to the USA and I WILL SUPPORT IT.

    Until then, its plain stupidity.

    The hole that reducing the taxes to zero would cause in the national debt would be astounding. The bush tax cut alone, allbeit a 3% drop put a 3 trillion dollar hole into the deficit so you can imagine what taking it to zero would do.

    Either way, the debate shows why the republicans will lose in 2012.

  8. brett636

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    I wouldn't say shifted so much as it has been covered up. The Republicans are just as color blind as they always have been, while the democrats work hard to keep blacks and minorities poor and on the government dole in order to maintain their charade that they are for the "little people".
  9. moreluck

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    If it's the same old stuff, why do you miss the Bewitched reruns to watch it ??
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    Oh, Jane! How IRONIC! You, the one that WON'T answer questions then come on here and say, "The debate was filled with no answers"...!

    Doesn't your mouth get tired speaking out of both corners?
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    caricature of Wolf Blitzer in the gray suit!!
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