Republicans Kill Veteran's Job bill

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by roadrunner2012, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. roadrunner2012

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    Why do they hate our troops? Is it because they are made up of the 47%?
  2. moreluck

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    Supply the entire bill so we could see what garbage was attached along with the heart wrenching title. Many times when the bill seems like it's something everyone would want...there's 10 other things that must go along with it and they are all despicable!
  3. TechGrrl

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    That, and that they love Grover Norquist more. I am ashamed of Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul. Not to mention John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

    This bill got through the HOUSE, and was PAID FOR, but ol' Mitch still filibustered it. What a bunch of traitors.
  4. over9five

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    Just a quick search of this pulled up some additional facts:

    1. Spending authorized in the bill violated limits that Congress agreed to last year.

    2. The Federal government already has SIX job training programs for veterans.

    My God, how 'bout we fix the deficit and the national debt before we spend more money on feel good programs? Bolstering police and fire depts??? Do we really need more cops and fireman? How 'bout fixing the economy so they can get private sector jobs?
  5. The Other Side

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    Ohhhh, now you concern yourself with "riders" on a bill???

    I thought you said previously, that they didnt matter? Or is that only when Republicans offer them?


  6. The Other Side

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    What dont you understand about fixing the middle class?? More police and more firemen? Absolutely. How do you stimulate the economy?? Its called demand. Demand for products and services.

    Do you think Chick fil a employees are the kind that will stimulate the housing market? The auto industry? The stock market? NO THERE NOT.

    Police and Fire buy homes, cars, make investments, do home improvements and put their children in extra curricular activities that stimulate the economy. When that happens, companies need to produce more thus, hiring more people.

    Its everything on the periphery that is the biggest benefactor from police and fire. These are jobs that are well paid, and that compensation goes directly back into the economy.

    We need people to buy homes, cars and such to get the economy moving, the private sector despite 10 years of the largest tax cuts in history hasnt helped this country ONE BIT.

    They took their profits over these last ten years and put them in overseas hiding spots screwing all americans, yet you would support a candidate who would do more of the same.

    I dont get it.


  7. The Other Side

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    Hopefully american voters will give the democrats a 60 vote majority in the senate and control of the house. This tea party nonsense has gone on long enough. The GOP are Traitors to the very men and women they sent into battle and came back to nothing.

    Its shameful.


  8. roadrunner2012

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    Here's the text of the bill, S3457, no hidden pork at all:
    Bill Text - 112th Congress (2011-2012) - THOMAS (Library of Congress)

    The cost was to be $1b over 5 years. The Senate said it added to the deficit (Since when is $1b over 5 years a huge burden/), and because of that, it had to be initiated in the House, where it stood no chance of making it to the floor.

    Democrats say the bill's costs are covered by a renewed effort to collect as much as $556 million in unpaid taxes over the next five years. They propose seizing the passports of those who owe taxes. They also propose withholding Medicare payments to providers who owe back taxes, which is expected to raise $355 million over 10 years.

    In a functioning government, a vote of 58-40 would pass.

    Over9five, can you point to the specifics of the six programs we already have, or are you just parroting John McCain? If they work so well, why is unemployment so high for post 9/11 Vets? 220,000 unemployed. This bill would have hired many of those at a minimal cost. The programs I could find all were close-ended, in other words, they provided help for up to 12 months, and then you are on your own (VRAP-VETS).

    A billion dollars over five years is more than our Veterans are worth? We were spending twice that in Iraq per WEEK!

    I live in a very nice city, it makes lots of top 10 lists, and they are laying off police and closing firehouses. If you need a quick response in an emergency, and it's not available, I don't think you'd be calling it a 'feel good' program. Though if it happened yo you I would call it 'just desserts'.
  9. moreluck

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    Typical Democrat thought....."well, it's only a billion $." Yeah and all 400 bills will be "just a billion $.

    Did they cancel funding to the shrimp on the treadmill? Did they find $4 billion in fraud ? They never make any objection to spending........charge it.

    You have to do it for it!!

    Maybe instead of cutting the funding of military, they could pay for this.....but no, they probably already have plans for that money....maybe Reid's state?
  10. moreluck

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    Maybe the billions of dollars we send to these coutries that hate America...stop that and pay for this bill.
  11. roadrunner2012

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    You make absolutely no sense when you are in a rage.
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  13. roadrunner2012

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  14. TechGrrl

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    Let's hope it puts more GOP senators in jeopardy of being re-elected. Unfortunately for me, neither Mitch McConnell nor Rand Paul is running for re-election this year.
  15. MrFedEx

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    Interesting on how all of the GOP politicians are doubling-down on trying to make sure Obama doesn't accomplish anything with the economy. They're willing to sacrifice the country, and everyday people, just so they can get their man into The White House. Except that isn't going to happen, which will make them look even worse when Romney loses. All of that obstruction for naught.
  16. Baba gounj

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    Anyone care to mention who respects our military more; certainly not the DNC .
    During their little show last month they manage to twice insult our military.
    First by showing a video of Soviet Navy ships , think they were ours.
    And then another video of combat jets flying over head , which really were from the Turkish Air force .
  17. The Other Side

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    Or, starting two wars that the GOP didnt pay for, then, cutting VA benefits under BUSH, then killing job killing bills to help veterans.. YA, the GOP is on their side.


  18. BrownArmy

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    Incorrect, and incorrect.

    Just 'cause you read it somewhere, doesn't make it true.

    Feel free to back up this drivel with some fact.
  19. wkmac

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    If Baba's assertion be true of the DNC, then it's equally true from watching the GOP convention that republicans not only rig election results but fore-ordain their outcome to the ill of a voting majority in order to get what they want.

    With either political party you are all but screwed no matter who wins on election day.
  20. moreluck

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    The picture was at the DNC (russian boats). Millions of people saw it......that's not good enough for you???