Residential Pickups via DIAD - Commit time

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  1. Monkey Butt

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    When you receive a pickup in your DIAD in a residential area and it has a "Customer Close Time" of 1 p.m. what time do you need to make the pickup by?
    1 p.m., On Trace or EOD?

    Do you see something in the DIAD that indicates the "Customer Close Time"?

    In a general sense, how do you treat a pickup request coming through the DIAD?

    Thanks for your replies and input.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    When we get an OCA in our DIAD, we have to input an ETA which should be earlier than or the same as the commit time. If we input a time which is later we will be asked "ETA past commit time OK (Y/N)". Now, residential OCAs are normally done on trace while commercial OCAs must be done by commit time. OCAs are sometimes sent to the wrong driver so those we have to let the OMS know so that he/she can properly dispatch them. OCAs were originally intended for air pickups but now we tend to get a lot of ARS/RS pkgs.
  3. stevetheupsguy

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    I usually message the oms and ask her to change the commit time to something more suitable. I want a resi p/u as late as possible, leaving me time to finish my business stops. I have never had a problem getting the time changed.

    Now, if the time was 18:30 commit; I'd swing by before that time as I made deliveries in the area, to see if the pkg was ready. If the pkg is ready, I'd pick it up. Hope this answers your question.
  4. Hangingon

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    Same. If I get a resi with a commit time before 1300 I'll normally ask for the commit time to be moved back so I can finish my business. The OMS will call the number and about 4 out of 5 times the customer has no problem with a later commit time (I wonder what the default time is on the webpage). Unfortunately if she can't make contact the PU has to be made by the stated commit time, which normally means breaking route to pick up a NDA prepaid envelope off someone's porch.
  5. dcdriver

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    do not accept OCA, text ctr to change commit, then accept if you can make commit time.
  6. 100088

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    I will ignore the close time if it is a residential it will be pick it up when I am on trace or my favorite key "out of area".
  7. Cementups

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    All my residential pickups (which is all I do) are EOD but I do most of them in trace.
  8. upsman68

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    I tell the OMS clerk to change the commit time to later time also.
  9. brownrodster

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    If it's possible and not inconvenient I do the pickup before the commit time. IF it's impossible or it will screw me I call the OMS and say 'hey, that's a res with an impossible commit time.' And ask the OMS to call the person to say I will not be there by that time.
  10. satellitedriver

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    I have never seen a resi commit time that early.
    All mine show as 1900 .
  11. dilligaf

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    dc is right. you can override and send it back to the ctr. we get ods p/u all the time (ground/resi scheduled for a 1700 p/u). This is a load a bull. I had one the other day and kept sending it back until the changed the commit time to 1900.
  12. Dizzee

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    If I can make the P/U by 1 p.m., I would accept the order and P/U by 1 p.m.
    If I can't make a P/U by the proposed commit time, I override the OCA and for the reason, I put my actual E.T.A. Then it's in the OMS's hands, to either find a driver who can make the original commit time, or call the customer to get me a later commit time that I can make.

    We get a "Ready Time", "Commit Time", and a "Close Time".
    Ready Time = Time the package will be ready for P/U.
    Commit Time = 1 hour after ready time.
    Close Time = Actual closing time of the business.

    These times used to be accurate, years ago. But over the last 5 or 6 years, I've gotten to where I never trust them. They should change them to read...
    Ready Time = When the customer called.
    Commit Time = 1 hour after the customer called.
    Close time = 1 hour after the customer called.

    This is actually a pet peeve of mine. Originally, the job of a P.M. Air Driver was to provide a service to our customers. The shipper could call UPS anytime he had a late/special P/U, and the driver would drop trace and P/U the packages right away. The shipper had no reason to have FedEx/DHL supplies in his desk drawer. UPS could take care of all his needs quickly.
    Then air drivers became part of the numbers game. We got more and more scheduled work to do. It is at the point now, where customers wait hours for us to P/U their packages after they call, because we can't break trace to get to them quickly. And believe me, when the shipper/secretary/dock worker is waiting to go home, he/she will give that package to the first truck there, no matter what color it is.

    UPS needs to step back and think about what is more important overall...
    How much clean-up work did I do today, or how many customers did I keep 100% Brown?

    OK, rant over. :peaceful:

  13. Johney

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    We were told not to do this even if it's not our area due to an OVERRIDE report that the center gets(they were getting too many overides). We have to accept then send a message to the center stating what we need changed (not mine,time change, etc.)The ods person will then cancel or change it. Of course this is risky as I've had some sent to me that weren't mine and after sending in the message they forgot to send it to the correct driver and I had to call the center.
  14. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    This is when I tell them that they need to train the OMS a little better, if they don't want an over ride, don't send me another driver's ODSes.
  15. dilligaf

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    Hmmmm, interesting. We haven't ever been told to not do it. My on personal opinion on this is, if the oms clerks don't know what p/u's go to what rtes then they need to learn and what better way than having ods p/u's sent back to them.:happy-very:

    I don't accept them unless I know I can get there. Been burned to many times on out of area or commit failure. It happened alot when I didn't know the rtes, now it rarely happens.
  16. mattwtrs

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    You must have good OMS' that fix the time before they send it. I used to get on demand PU's with a 11:00 commit time for a town that I did not get to till afternoon.
  17. stevetheupsguy

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    You and I are definitely in the same area. We had that pcm also. I think the oms's got upset about people send oca's back to the center. I still send em back, though, I tell them which driver actually gets that particular ods.
  18. Johney

    Johney Well-Known Member

    Yes we are:wink2: I told my on road after that pcm that this is a missed pick-up just waiting to happen.
  19. BigBrownSanta

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    If the close time is later than the commit time, I will put the close time. Sometimes the OMS will change the commit time.

    Sometimes I will put the same time as the commit time. After the commit time has passed, the diad will prompt me for a reason why the commit was missed. I then type in resi. Sometimes the OMS will change the commit time to a later time.


    Just curious Hoaxster, is there a default commit time on the web page for pickups? I ask because sometimes I will get an OCA with a commit time for 3 PM and the business doesn't close until midnight (taco bueno). I ask the customer why they scheduled the pickup so early if they are going to be open until midnight, and they say that the website doesn't give them an option. Is that true?
  20. satellitedriver

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    Which totally negates the cost savings of the original intent of having an ARS/RS label given to a customer.
    20 mile round trip for an OCA (personal experience) and it is a ARS/ RS for 1lb pkg.
    The original shipper is getting a sweet deal for return service.
    We (UPS) are losing money and time accepting ARS pkgs as OCA.
    ARS pkg's should only be accepted on route or at a drop point.