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This was sent to me in an email and I felt that we all (myself included) need to be reminded of this occasionally. In one post I was so frustrated with all the bashing that I said "what is it going to take to change this attitude!" I got an answer from satellitedriver that said "two words - Work ethics." This was well said... It hits all parties involved in the work environment.

To me - it boils down to one word - RESPECT! One of the definitions is "due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights or traditions of others." I have realized that the best relationships I have had were those where there was a mutual RESPECT for each other. I have been able to nurture sustained relationships with union stewards and BAs by having a sincere RESPECT. This is what is necessary and what we need to do to move ourselves to the next level. I am not preaching about this because I am just as susceptable to crossing the line but I am regretful when I do cross it. I do realize that I need to take responsibility for my actions.

R- E- S- P- E- C- T. Aretha Franklin reminded us how it’s spelled, but a lot of us need coaching on how to show it. In both personal and political relationships, the failure to treat one another with respect is generating incivility, contempt, and violence.

There’s an important distinction between respecting a person in the sense that we admire and hold that person in high esteem and treating others with respect. While respecting others is desirable, respectfulness is morally mandatory. Thus, people of character treat everyone with respect, even those who are not personally worthy of it.

The way we behave toward others is an expression of our values and character. Thus, we should treat others with respect, not because they have a right to be respected but because we have a moral duty to do unto others the way we want them to do unto us. Again, it’s not because they deserve it; it’s because doing less would diminish our own character.

That’s the message in an old story about the politician who caught himself being drawn into mud slinging and name calling. Once he realized he was lowering himself to his opponent’s level, he stopped and said, "Sir, I will treat you as a gentleman -- not because you are one, but because I am one."

It can take a lot of self control to be respectful to people who are nasty, dishonorable, or disrespectful to us. Still, our inner sense of integrity should help us resist temptations to fight fire with fire. As Lily Tomlin said, "The problem with the rat race is, even if you win, you’re still a rat."

This is Michael Josephson reminding you that character counts.



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Good post, Lifer
Reminds me of "The Golden Rule", that goes something like "treat everyone else like you yourself like to be treated". To bad a lot of people are just too preoccupied with themselves.


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Good post, Lifer
Reminds me of "The Golden Rule", that goes something like "treat everyone else like you yourself like to be treated". To bad a lot of people are just too preoccupied with themselves.

Hi Scratch, This might be a little rabbit trail. I might have said this before. My Dad told me that the "Golden Rule" was " He who has the gold makes the rules". LOL True in alot of cases. Scratch I believe you have it right. Hey Lifer, great post. It really stimulates the mind. Gets me to think. take care a43(not bingo)


Good post Lifer,
I agree that one cannot respect others, until they respect themselves.
It seems to be a commodity in short supply.
I want respect when I'm driving...the little nimrods in thier hondas and jettas vying for position sometimes makes me irritable.


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It also starts with our kids. They need to learn modesty, self respect and respect for others. Moms and Dads, you're the first lessons to be learned in how your kids will treat their spouses and co workers. They hear our war stories first hand when we get home from work...

And as far as co workers go, never forget self respect. Disrespect often causes people to leave their jobs. (Trust me on this one. I've seen it happen countless times). This company has lost numerous good people, only to train more and see them take a hike as well. Never forget that you are a worthwhile human being in spite of your faults and imperfections, and no one can take that away from you.

Common sense boils down to respect. Shut the hell up during a PCM or an office meeting and be on time for those meetings. Don't lurk over someone else's computer. Don't hog the supplies. Please and thank you go a long way. Back stabbers??? Don't ask someone to stretch the truth for you. Don't shove your religious/political views on anybody else. Don't take credit for someone elses sweat. Pull your own weight. Get rid of the condescending attitude.

Now drop and give me 10... :hammer:

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You are so right about the family. As parents, our kids watch everything we do. If we can show each other respect and teach these values to our kids we will make a lasting contribution to our society!!


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Respect went out the door when parents and teachers lost the right to disipline kids. The kids just laugh at you now. It's always someone elses fault. Nobody is responsible for anything.

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Respect went out the door when parents and teachers lost the right to disipline kids. The kids just laugh at you now. It's always someone elses fault. Nobody is responsible for anything.

Boy do I have to agree with you on this one. if a parent swats their kid on the butt now-a-days they are considered child abusers. What is up with that??

My youngest is 27 now. I remember him saying something to me about calling the child abuse hotline at 8 years old. Mind you this was for a swat on his rear!

I am sorry, but things like getting hit with a ruler on my hand or a spank in the "cloak room" scared me into staying in line when I was a kid.

If kids are not afraid of what is going to happen to them....well we have seen the results from some of them, haven't we?


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First, my saying is "Spare the God, spoil the child".
When I was a preload supe, what I drilled into my people is that 'the Brown Rule is just the Golden Rule applied to that package." And aspects of respect that supes in the company forget are as follows:
1) you can climb over their backs or you can be lifted on their shoulders.
2) Your people's safety is more important than any production number.
3) Sometimes you have to get between your chain of command and your people. I remember a time when a driver was cursing one of my brand-new preloaders for the poor job. And his fulltime boss cussed my man out. I told them"Cuss me out all you want, but NEVER INSULT MY PEOPLE". And then I took the keys from the pacakge car and refused to give them back until the driver apologized. I nearly lost my job for that ,but in the end my chain of command backed me. Grudgingly. If you want your people to take a bullet for you, sometimes you need to take one for them.
I get so very concerned about the comments about supes on this forum. Mainly because the comments have some truth to them.We are not soulless automatons. But we do need to have as a part of our training the training of the finest book on supervision written in the twentieth century.Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein. In the chapter where the midshipmen(officers-in-training) are about to enter real battle situatiuons, they are told "Listen to your master sargent. You may not be able to follow his advice, but use his experience." A third of UPS's problems would vanish if supes would ask their people about problems. Supes aren't always able to follow these suggestions...workplaces are not democracies. But a newbie supe fresh outta his sophomore year of college doesn't lose face by asking a question of a twenty year veteran of the company. He gains it.