Response to dim weight billing?

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    As of the first of the year the shippers are being billed by the dim weight per package instead of the actual weight. One of my shippers told me two of his product lines were actually going to be cheaper, although I know there was an overall increase. Any feedback from the shippers? Do they like it, don't like it or don't care?
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    I have a cust that ships the stuffing they use for couches.They stuff it in plastic, suck all the air out of it and calculate the dim width themselves.The shipper says its a lot cheaper overall.
    I`ve often wondered if you wanted to send say 30 6 foot square chunks of styrofoam overnight would ups be the courier of choice?
    Hey rapid...calculate the cost for me from Toronto to London England.
    NDA 30 6X6 ft squares weighing a total of 90 pounds
    thx in advance
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    So you're the one who picks those up. It's cool to see them "blow up" as they get ripped open by accident.
  4. I don't believe the shipper if he says his dim weight is cheaper. Whichever is higher whether dim or actual wt will be the chargeable wt. UPS has been losing millions of dollars due to dim wt - vs- actual. You have to charge these shippers what you're going to lose in aircraft space. I would'nt be surprised if a surcharge was'nt tacked on also.

    Watch the DHL guy, always busting out his tape measure. Sooner or later all carriers will follow suit and everyone will be carrying a tape measure as part of his everyday equip.
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    Not true. UPS will never give the time allowance to the driver to taper-measure every NDA package. I know plenty of drivers that pick up 200+ NDA boxes. That has to add up to at least 1 1/2 hour of allowed time.
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    double standard

    sorry, I don't have access to any computers with rates on them. Also, wouldn't the rate be different for each shipper depending on the amount of discount they get?

    Remember when we used to carry the chain around to measure packages for oversize? Also, if UPS wanted to measure the dim weight on say 200 NDA, wouldn't that be done by a revenue auditor?

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    I agree they will not be any time allowed for drivers to dim wt all boxes, but I see something loaded into the DIAD where you may have to input "something" to show you at least were aware of dim-able (?) freight.
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    Dim weight is not going to be cheaper than actual weight just like Oversize was never cheaper than actual weight. But maybe Dim weight is cheaper than OS1 or OS2?
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    You're right, there won't be a time allowance for measuring pkgs. You will be expected to do it, there just won't be a time allowance!?
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    Dim Weight Is used for all AIR Services. LxWxH/194 for domestic and 166 for INTL. So if box weighs 4 lbs and measure 12x12X15 you get billed for a 11 lb box. OS1 is over 84" in total girth and less than 27lbs OS2 is over 108" and less than 67 lbs OS3 is over 130" and less than 160" and less than 90 lbs. AH is length over 60" second longest side over 30" and non corrugated container.
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    We're dimming ground as of the start of the year, OS is gone. Unless a tricky pricing analyst puts in a minimum billable weight (of say, 90lbs) on anything that receives LPS...then OS3 can be billed even though, technically, it's "gone away"...