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  1. Comeand Takeit

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    Company asks INDIANA court for a Restraining Order against a PT seasonal who they fired. Restraining Order states "safety of employees at UPS" and bars him from anything UPS (facilities, trucks, employees, etc.) Only a handful of employees are aware of the Order and that's only because customers have told them about it. It defies all logic that the Company wouldn't let the entire workforce know!

    Safety.Safety.Safety...and more Safety!
  2. Returntosender

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    Seen it done employee on employee . Then employee on pr supervisor. Employee on sup incident happened outside of work.
  3. superballs63

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    They asked for it, has the order been granted? If not, then he really could do whatever he wants
  4. herbigharo32

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    Generally, a person can be asked to leave a facility and not return. Should that request not be fulfilled, UPS can call the local police and ask for a no trespass. If the person shows up again, he/she can be arrested for trespassing.
  5. HBGPreloader

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    I was told they hang mug shots of "questionable", former employees in the guard house.
    I never paid attention though.
  6. Comeand Takeit

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    Indeed it has been granted. He was felony arrested for stealing last summer before joining UPS for the holidays. Then he was arrested for stealing from UPS!
  7. superballs63

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    I don't blame the dumb guy, I blame UPS for giving a job to a theif, and then being surprised when he steals from them.
  8. box_beeyotch

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    I guess that means they don't want to spend the money to do background checks on seasonal employees in the hubs. That's the dumbest thing, simply because a seasonal is at ups for a very short time and it's nothing for them to make their way out with expensive items never to be seen again, especially in facilities like my building which has absolutely zero security.
  9. herbigharo32

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    Running background checks runs $50 per employee. If a hub is attempting to bring in 100 people for temporary help, there probably needs to be over 1000 or more interviews and applications running through the system. Background checks would easily cost $50,000 and up. Costs goes up by a factor depending on how many applicants are disqualified as well.
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    Sounds like our human resources really did an awesome job on the background check for that seasonal helper.


    *We had a Middle Eastern temp for a short time. Odd thing was he wore the same synthetic tshirt every day and the junker car he drove. He quit unexpectedly one day.

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    I had a ham sandwich yesterday ^^^^^^
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