Retired and wanting to log on to


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I have a friend that retired in 2002 and he ask me the same question. I was told that is only for current employee's on the payroll. I know some guy's that recently retired and they were still able to log on but after some time they could'nt. You may be to far removed to get on there.....
Here what say about who should be able sign on but thanks for your help
Enterprise Portal Eligibility:
Access is available to active and inactive employees in the U.S. and Canada, UPS Business Units, and retirees in the UPS Retirement Plan. Separated employees have access until June of the year following separation.
I have been retired since October 2008 and have always been able to log into until last night. I am told I am not eligible. Thanks for the info mikec132. I will reply to the email I got from UPS and attach the information. It seems that UPS still does not have my files fixed. When I retired, my building coded me at resigned instead of retired. I am getting a pension and insurance, but they must still have it on some book as resigned. Now I have some ammo to show them.


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I was able to access the site for about a year and then they cut me off. You'd think that they would want more people to order their UPS monogrammed clothes and other items-free advertising. I would go in once in a while to catch up on any news about UPS, but since I found this site, I get more honest reports anyway.


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The first task on my retirement "to-do" list is to delete from my browser.

If you really feel the need to keep up on what Brown is up to then come here--the information will not have been filtered and you will get both sides of the issue.