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  1. mattjl1988

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    I'm in local 705 and we just agreed to the new contract. I was just wondering how much we're checks for part timers that got they're checks earlier in the year...
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    Look at your check and calculate the hours worked. My bet is they gonna be screwed up like they were earlier this year. Plus some people didn't get theirs straighten out till July/august
  3. Mugarolla

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    Their retro checks were only for 9 months. They were around $400 to $600. Some got more but worked more hours than the average PTer.

    You should have about a year and five months coming.

    The first year is $0.70 and the 5 months is $1.40. Keep in mind this is only if 705 got the same raises we got in the master.

    So ball park figure, averaging 3.5 hours per day is $1100. Averaging 5 hours per day roughly $1600.

    Total your hours and do your mown math.
  4. fres431

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    Then your get a letter from ups corporate saying we over paid you we would like to take x dollars out of your weekly check till you pay what is owed back
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    You also have to factor in the pay rates in the 4 year progression, if applicable. This is where it gets complicated and confusing, for most people.
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    what about overtime hours how does that work?
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    Let me guess…

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    Same as always. Time and a half.
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    Was the 705 contract still unresolved?
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    For OT hours, the first year would be $1.05 for all OT hours. The 5 months would be $2.10 for all OT hours.
  12. Mugarolla

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    Voted in by a big number. Have not seen the contract yet. I am not in 705 but am curious as to the concessions they took. There were some listed on another thread.