Return to work after injury?

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    I'm a preloader and have been out of work since September 2009 due to a torn labrum in my right shoulder. This injury was not filed through workman's comp as I didn't feel pain until a Sunday. I don't do any other physical activity so I'm sure I was hurt at work. Anyway, I had 4 months of Phys. Therapy and 1 month of personal training, continuing to strengthen and work out on my own. My orthopedist has said I have multi-directional instability in both shoulders, and strongly suggests that I do not work for UPS loading/driving as injury may reoccur. I have a 20 lb. lifting restriction overhead. If UPS says I can't perform the job requirements and I can't return to preload, what should I do? I would still like to work for the company in another capacity if possible.
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    A 20 lb lifting restriction severely limits your options in the hub. The only jobs I can think of off hand are customer counter, address corrections, data capture, irreg driver and SPA. If none of these are available I am afraid that your career here may have come to an end.

    Why wasn't this a comp case? Did you notify anyone at the time of the injury or was this a gradual thing that built up until you felt pain on that Sunday? Have you been drawing disability from the Union?
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    I was told by a Doctor in TEXAS that if you think your injury is job related to file under Workers Compensation. The burden of proof is on the company to prove it was or was not work related. Once you file on your own insurance, the burden of proof is on you.
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    That is not necessarily true. I had an injury which I first sought treatment for using the insurance. I spoke to my BA and we got it changed to a comp claim. It was not easy and is not the way to do it but it can be done.
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    I dont think ups will let you back to work with any "restrictions"IE...20lb weight limit
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    ups is not going to let you return to work with any restrictions on an injury that did not get filed under workmans comp.
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    @Upstate...It just started on a Sunday. I hadn't felt any pain the Friday before. My career with UPS has come to an end. I've resigned. My doctor says that getting injured again is high, as my shoulders are unstable and he strongly suggests I don't have such a physical job. I can strengthen my shoulders, but it will take a long time to get it done. Even if I strengthen, it doesn't mean I won't get hurt again. It wasn't a comp claim. I couldn't even lift my arm so I wouldn't have been able to go into work that Monday anyway. My sup. claims that things are going downhill anyway with the company. The drivers always complain and she says that driving sucks, esp. with this economy due to routes being cut and more packages are being piled on the drivers. There are 4 guys that could've been on the road but have been on preload for the last year. While the money is good, my health is more important. I'm only 23 so luckily I can pursue other avenues in which I've started, one of them offering full-time benefits to part-time employees. I'm also pursuing my dreams of audio engineering which is working out for me!