right to a time sheet (printout of hours worked)

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    I am having problems with my pay and questioned my Sup. about a possible shortage. I vaguely recall reading a clause in our contract which stated we are entitled to a printout of a timesheet. Sup says there is no such clause. I made a request a week and a day ago and still waiting. The only article I could find in the National Master Agreement was article 17, paid for time, but I could find nothing which stipulates we are entitled to examine our own timesheets. Any suggestions?
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    There is no Santa Clause, but there is this clause . . .

    . . .
    Upon request, an employee or the Union may inspect the record of an employee’s time recorded on the DIAD or other device for previous days’ work. An employee will be permitted to examine the operation record for the current pay period for the purpose of ascertaining his/her hours worked. If an employee has an issue with his/her hours worked for a particular day, the Employer will provide the employee, upon written request, with a print out of his/her hours worked.
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    You also have the right under the same Article to keep a paper time card, and I highly suggest you do so.
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    Don't you have this on upsers.com?
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    Just the copy of your check.