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    If someone lives in a RTW state and opts out. Do they still get their Union
    run health benefits? I'm hearing quite a few employees are voting NO just because they feel they can't opt out without losing all healthcare.
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    Why would you want to opt out from the union that gets you above average raises, healthcare, and protects you from UPS? Don't be become an Orly, I mean a scab!
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    RTW states Employees represented by a Union in RTW states have the same benefits and same representation whether they are a member of the Union or not.
    If a Union does not provide the exact same wages, benefits, representation that will be heavily fined and Union management and administrators will be prosecuted under the full extent of the law. That can fines and/or time served.
    Since Unions tend to not be too popular in RTW states, these prosecutions would most likely be executed very diligently.
    Bottom line, it is not worth the risk to a Teamster employee to not provide the same benefits, etc.

    But as always Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware).
    Union stewards and other Union members may try and tell you different but they are just ignorant or lying.

    I personally don't think it is right for a F/T driver to not pay Union dues.
    I think a P/T has to be crazy to do so for what they get.
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    I am not all that interested in the reasons for opting out. More interested in the idea of losing healthcare if someone does opt out. It would seem to make more sense of why the Teamsters would want involvement in healthcare.
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    They can't vote in the contract though.
  6. Monkey Butt

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    You mean the few in RTW states that desire to vote ... whereas 90% of P/T nationwide never vote anyway?

    One clarification - If a P/T plans to make a career of UPS and is making $15 an hour or more ... they should probably join the Union.
  7. Monkey Butt

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    ​No one loses healthcare if they opt out.
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    I'm in a right to work state. Most of the employees in my building that aren't in the union are the older drivers 20 years or so!

    UPSBOT When UPS Was Fun

    Really, I would have thought the opposite was true, WOW.:surprised:
    Is this true in other RTW states?
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    By opt out I'm assuming you mean get a free ride? Yes, in RTW states they ride for free on the backs of us who actually contribute to moving our union forward. I can say that I can count the number of non union drivers in our hub on one hand. Did I mention that non union employees are also not allowed on the safety committee? Yeah, when faced with that choice, guess which one was taken.
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    Younger people are seeing how their parents were treated by corporations.
    They also understand the idea of collective bargaining.
    Except for the very top few, the company has the upper hand because they really don't care if they hire you or keep you.
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    In a right to work state you get all the benefits, pay and representation by law if you are a member or not. If you are not a member You can not vote on contracts.
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    I wish we could opt out of representing you. Scabs who freeload are the worst. Right to work is a stupid republican plan to weaken our unions. Wake up and join the union.
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    Union. Hell, the union is divided. Rank and file divided, but far worse....... locals divided.

    Not much of a union at this point in time.
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    Please tell us why a PTer working at UPS while going to school who has no intention of making this his career should join the union.
  18. Speak for your own local I know that in my RTW state and more like 99% of ptmers in my building and 98% in our local, which covers our entire state do vote and this all matters to us.
  19. Fullhouse

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    It is my understanding that UPS will pay for each employee regardless of union affiliation. So if they choose not to use the insurance it will only make the union health care plan finachally stronger.At least the union did not let the part time employees choose more pay per hour in lieu of insurance !
  20. scratch

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    ​And that is exactly how the company likes it.