Road Test Feedback- for applicants/new hires.

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    Just got done my road test at the distribution center so here are some words to the wise for new hires.
    Got to the center early along with the other applicants and apparently no one knows why we're here. 30 minutes pass. The security guard keeps calling the main office to tell them we're here and no one picks up. He gets more and more frustrated at the lack of response from inside so he tells us to go into the feeder office. We're not testing for a feeder driver position but we go in regardless. The person behind the feeder desk is bamboozled as to why they'd send us there so we get sent to another office with no one in it.

    I pull aside a man who looks like he's important and explain to him why we're here. He doesn't know about any road test and all the sups are out doing route observations so he goes to track them down. 20 minutes later he returns with road test forms and lets us know they will be back soon hopefully. Eventually the sups arrive and spend a few minutes looking for available PCs. Once they procure a few of them we go out on our road test. Take the time that your sup is getting organized to practice shifting.

    Here's a few tips if you have a test coming up.
    1) Take a few practice loops around the complex. Your sup will probably be ok with it. Mine was. It will make life better.
    2) You're going to grind gears.
    3) The PC handles like a Conestoga Wagon and shifts like a Korean War-era anti-aircraft half-track.
    4) You have a 125 point demerit system. If you commit enough infractions and go over the 125 point mark you're disqualified. Or if you crash.
    5) The hand brake is your new best friend.
    6) You're going to roll back. See #5
    7) Honk the horn at every pedestrian you see since most of them have headphones on or are playing Pokemon Go. A few little "toots" are sufficient. You don't need to sound like a runaway freight train. You also don't want to kill little Billy who wandered into the middle of the road to catch that elusive Snorlax.
    8) Don't worry about downshifting.
    9) There is no power steering so it's purely theoretical where the PC will land when you hit a pothole. See #3.
    10) Reverse gear may be where most people are accustomed to 1st gear being. Take note.
    11) When you back in to the loading area, you're going to smack the bumper against the metal grate. I did. The sup wanted to show me "how its done." The sup proceeded to smash the bumper into the metal grate. No demerits received.
    12) Leave plenty of room in front of you (10 pt. commentary) and if you go on the highway, stay in the middle lane. It made my sup happy.
    13) I didn't have to parallel park. I did have to go through a traffic circle and not ride the curb. Somehow managed to do it despite hitting the curb on a right turn.

    After rolling back, grinding gears and hitting the curb twice, I somehow still qualified. Interviews start soon.
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    not terrible advice
  3. upschuck

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    Not in all PCs, only the Spicer transmissions.
  4. Bastiatian

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    Mine had power steering. The position of the steering wheel itself was annoying though.

    My sup told me exactly what lane he wanted me to be in.

    13) Don't give the PC too much gas. The first gear is low enough that you may not even need to give it any gas at all. If you attempt to move from a dead stop the same way you would in a manual Honda or something, you'll start to rack up demerits for not keeping the PC smooth enough. That's really what nailed me. :/ Would've been nice to know that before leaving the yard, but everybody I asked told me it's exactly the same as driving a manual car. Yeah, if only...
  5. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

  6. 9.5er

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    Completely same concept as driving a normal car. No difference.
  7. Gumby

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    The 5 speed Spicers have that messed up first gear...I hate it.
  8. Analbumcover

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    The concept is the same but it feels far different. For those who drive muscle/sports/faster cars where 1st is typically your "launch it" gear, 1st gear on a PC is the "sit there and make a ton of noise and diesel fumes" gear. 1st gear is an afterthought. Years of driving my Mustang contributed to that bad habit.

    I grinded quite a few gears and shifted into the wrong gear more than once. However, my transitions were smooth and I did not stall or jerk.
  9. MC0493

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    I've driven Tremecs with reverse left and up as well. Overall pretty good observation.
  10. 3 done 3 to go

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    I just started in 2nd gear. Slicer were good for speed shifting. Barely used the clutch
  11. I like the intro. Sounds like you got a good look at how the place is run."The supervisors can't do their job right now, they are busy harassing others trying to do theirs."
  12. Dragon

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    You sir are hired, if you got that all that out of a road test...wait till you actually have to deliver a package, then the fun really begins.

    Please keep us posted.
  13. PASinterference

    PASinterference Yes, I know I'm working late.

    Hilarious but true. #3 made me spit coffee! Good luck.
  14. Gumby

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    Number 6 made me laugh. You are going to roll back.... then it should say then you will get disqualified.
  15. Brisket

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    Just wait till you have to do a driver drill.
  16. Analbumcover

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    Went to the distribution center to complete the pre-modules on Thursday and Friday. Got my uniform Friday and class starts tomorrow bright and early. It's not Integrad, thankfully. Best part is that the class will not include any DIAD training. The sup said "it has a billion functions but you only need to worry about 4 or so." Somehow I'm not entirely convinced.

    My wife thinks the hat is sexy.
  17. silenze

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    The diad is probably the most important part of making a delivery. Good thing they are skipping that training.
  18. Mugarolla

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    Not every person can make it as a package car driver, but every package car driver can learn the DIAD.

    Teach them the methods first, then teach them the DIAD. It is much easier than learning both at the same time.
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    I hope the company still has Manual package cars by the time I become a Driver!
  20. Analbumcover

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    Word at our center is that it has more manuals than the average center but they are converting to automatics more and more every year.