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    hi new on here just looking for advise really no one seems to know the answer!! i had a rollaway accident this week dislipinary next thur no other accidents on my record just worried is this a tier 3???:sad-little:
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    Hi Freddiefrog (is that name from that children's show from 40 years ago, "the New Zoo Review'?)

    This has been discussed before. Take a look at this link to another thread:

    If you go to the "field" just a half an inch above "advanced search" near the right hand corner of this page and then type "rollaway" in that "field" (box) and hit enter , you will find other threads related to your question and concerns.
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    If you want more feedback, freddie, you may want to start a thread in the main forum.
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    Freddie, these forums are monitored by UPS. Don't post too much information about your accident.
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    rollaway or roll over is a tier 2 12,000 dollar varity not 42,000 tier 3 head on ,hit other in rear intersection cyclist or pedestrian good luck
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    I had a rollaway accident in the Hub driving a tug, lost the last can and was unaware of it. Rolled out almost under a plane, NO monetary damage and NO injuries. Was suspended pending investigation 3 days ago and have not heard anything back yet. How long is it before you are usually contaced about what the next procedure is? Limbo is hard!!!
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    Check your local supplement under discipline. In the Central, and probably all others, a runaway accident is one of the cardinal infractions that you can be terminated for without the progresive discipline. There should also be a section regarding the local area grievance procedings. That will tell you the specifics of your area.
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    The fact that there were no injuries and no monetary damage, while fortunate, is irrelevant. Rollaways are inexcusable, unless there was a mechanical failure, and should result in serious discipline (or promotion to on-car in my center).
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    At least your on-car's have driven before. We have 4 in our building that have never driven at all!!!!
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    SBS (Safety Brake Set at designs and manufactures systems to prevent rollaway accidents by alerting the drivers if the brake is not set as they exit the drivers set. These systems are install on Transit buses across the U.S. and on all Exxonmobile tanker trucks.