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    OK guys here my problem need some help. I have bid route the route next to me not in my loop but i get some of work gets pulled out on monday and friday the guy can bump me. But in the contract the NATIONAL MASTER UNITED PARCEL SERVICE AGREEMENT AND MICHIGAN SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT this is section 9 on route changes !!!TEMPORARY!! Ill put what its says. Other then the mouths of november and December if a bid area is changed (50%) or more, the employee shall have the right to follow the portion in exess of fifty percent of the delivery stops. if the temporary change involves more than a two way split, the driver shall select by seniority. OK WHAT HAPPENS TO THE PERSON THEY BUMP THATS MY QUESTION IT DOES NOT STATE IF HE CAN BUMP A JUNIOR DRIVER IT SAYS NOTHING :sad: my union steward says your screwed hes an ass with out checking
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    So what have you been doing when this happens? You are guaranteed 8 hours.
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    They said they can put me anywhere they like!! My seniority dont count i cant bump a utility driver they can assign me !!
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    we have always been told if your route is cut you can bump another less senior driver in your LOOP if there is no one you are then the top unassigned driver and you have 1st choice where to go.
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    I believe his route has to be out 14 consecutive days before he can bump. Otherwise he has to work as assigned.

    BUT, please remember you are GUARANTEED your 8 hours. You can bump the most junior man if they try to send you home.
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    That's how it is here.
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    In virgina its, bump, bump and thats it. You get bumped, you bump, and the next guy is a cover. It is not untill april that everyone will start the whole bid process over again. Grev. it. The tough part is waiting for the grev. to go through, because in the mean time your getting jerked around. I hope there is another shop stewart in your center to take your matters more seriously. Just go up the teamsters chain of command untill you get action. Good luck, my friend.
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    In chicago you would go where your seniority puts you as a cover driver, you cant bump a bid route driver. We dont bid the routes yearly or anything like that, once you bid that route its your until you bid another, go feeder or leave the company.