route changing by 50 percent.

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    What do I have available to me when this happens. The move of packages, when you look at my loop and baseline area does make sense, but area and bulk wise I am getting the shaft. What happens if myself or another driver in the 2 loops affected grieves it. The driver who is getting much of my work has more senority thus me following my work.....well, might not work:wink::wink:ha.
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    Cold, don't know what area you're in, but in "National Master United Parcel Service Agreement and Central Region Supplemental Agreement" book, Article 3 "Seniority", Sec 9, it states, in part, "...if a bid area is changed fifty percent (50%) or more, the employee shall have the right to follow the portion in excess of fifty percent (50%) of the delivery stops."

    You DO have a contract book, DON'T YOU? There is more in this to read it.
    It is a contract between the Teamsters AND UPS.
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    This sounds like a problem whenever a Center goes on PAS/EDD. Some of the routes get changed drastically. I'm one of the lucky ones. We have seven drivers in the small city I deliver. I am the "Apex Driver", which means my route is the furtherest from the Center. It didn't change much, in fact, I had too much work and some was taken off. The other routes are looped off mine, and some have had major changes and will get splits in the next town. With EDD, some drivers benefit, and some drivers get shafted. Seniority is a great thing.
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    I wil look into it. But the main question was, what if 50 percent of my work goes to a route with a bid driver with higher senority. Another problem is that the car that is getting half my work is a baseline car. Since the change, that car has been cut out 3 times already and I have gotten some of the work back for those days. Ups makes the changes then cuts the other car out....this company is not run like any other company out there but continues to be successful and make money....I just dont get it.:confused:1