Rumor: Google to launch a same-day shipping service

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by BlackJack616, Apr 3, 2013.

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    Re: Rumor: Google to launch a same-day shipping service Read more: http://www.digita

    You would have to have your head examined if you did that. Google isn't going to be paying delivery people $32 hr or giving them a pension, you will be paying for your health insurance.....
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    Unless they pay 30.00+ I'd see the FeeEx guys being the ones jumping. All these same day services remind me of Webvan and we all know how that went.
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    Harley sold snowmobiles and it tanked.

    Coke tried to fix something that was not broke.

    Stay with what you know and do well.

    If I purchase an item...I want accountability.

    Stay in the search engine business and sell my information --- it is what G does best.
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    not sure how they would pay a driver but i have heard google is one of the best places to work....#justsayin

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    NDA is a task in itself, we as company (UPS) just make it seem easy for the most part but mass same day delivery for a company that has never been in the delivery business (Google) is the equivalent of sending an email with a typewriter... It's almost just as a bad idea as Vince McMahon's football venture, just because you have money doesn't mean that you need to waste it foolishly.
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    That's stupid right there.
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    He Hate Me.

    I love it when the ill fated XFL is mentioned; it makes me feel so Smart.
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    As in any venture, if you don't give it a try, nothing will definitely happen.
    Good for Google. Best of luck to them
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    It's funny because it is my opinion (based on the recent increase of Surepost and Fedex's Smartpost packages) I believe people are willing to wait longer to receive their packages at a discounted rate, instead of paying a premium to have it delivered faster.

    Amazon prime is successful only because Amazon is a one stop shop for everything, and the prime service is reasonable and affordable, especially if you purchase from Amazon frequently, it pays for itself. That being said I won't be renewing my prime subscription this year because they seem to be diverting a lot of packages from UPS to USPS and Fedex. The post office makes one attempt. If I'm not home (and I'm not, I'm a UPS driver) I'm screwed and have to go out of my way to pick up my package from the post office, on Saturday.
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    Just imagine the dispatch variations of this project it is in no way cost effective, one day you could have for example 500 orders in a Metro area that will require a few drivers to cover it to make same day commitment now the next day there's only 12 orders in a rural area requiring likely 1 driver so now what do you do with the excess drivers when volume is low? Do you pay them to be "on call" in case of a volume spike? Or do you stretch thin the one driver missing commits at the cost of losing a customer? Either way the cost of operating and the risk of entering a new endeavor in a thinning transportation/logistics market is a business mistake. It may sound good on paper and look good in the media but there is no way this project works without partnering with one of the existing shipping giants.
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    Nothing is that important that you need it the same day unless its a new heart for transplant. What ever happened to "please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery"? You don't need to stand in line for an iphone, don't need to see the midnight showing of an opening movie, etc. Jeez, I'm turning into an old fart.
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    Xfl? I will stick with my team. The la express and the usfl.
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    Nope us nut bags, the consumer is now trending to want it faster than ever and cheaper than ever.
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    This is why I bought Google stock at the IPO, and continued to work at UPS.
    My strategy has paid off.
    Google is diverse enough, and cash rich enough, to try and fail on "spot" projects.
    It has been about a 400% return on investment, and has a great future growth forecast.
    UPS is a rock steady milk cow that allows me to take/make their "stupid" money, and invest in future growth company's.
    In a nutshell,
    Google is seeking ways to expand and vanquish it's competitors.
    The UPS brain trust thinking of cutting profit margin per pkg, to increase volume, by delivering to their competitor-(USPS)-, as a profitable economic business model, is only one symptom of UPS's collective ineptitude.
    The greatest flaw of UPS is the mindset that technology can control the world around them, and the people that work for them.

    Google adapts and plans.
    UPS reacts based on past structure of how they want the world to be and calls it planning.

    Google creates technology.
    UPS uses technology to try and control.

    That is the difference between the two, IMHO.

    Spread your bets between the two.

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