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    NEW YORK - On the heels of President George W. Bush's plan to cut the double taxation of dividends, analysts at Standard and Poor's revealed a long-term study Monday giving investors even more reasons to chase dividends.

    Based on Standard and Poor's own Quality Ranking System that assess common stocks on earnings and dividend performance, S&P found that high-quality stocks, those rated A+ to A-, outperformed the S&P 500 index by 500 basis points annually over the past 17 years. If the index gained 15%, then a portfolio of only the top dividend stocks would jump 20%. In a downturn, those same stocks held up better than the overall market.

    S&P has used its Quality Ranking System for more than 40 years to look at a common dividend performance as it relates to long-term growth. While it's no stretch to see the correlation of both factors--that stable dividend payers are good performers--the study's results show that higher-quality stocks are actually worth their higher multiples.

    Does anyone know the S&P rating for UPS?

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    Their rating for UPS is AAA.
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    UPS is one of only nine co's that carry an
    AAA /Aaa rating

    ( S&P / Moodys )

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    There are actually only 8 AAA companies left. They are American International Group, Berkshire Hathaway, ExxonMobil, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Pfizer, and United Parcel Service. Bristol-Myers Squibb became the latest company to get booted out of the AAA club on April 22 of last year.
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    I think you folks referring to UPS's AAA rating are referring to the credit side of the S&P rating. The message from tuknick implies a stock quality rating system which S&P has also.
    (I don't know what UPS's rating is by the way.)