Sabotaged load?

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    No, this isn't about your favorite porn flick.

    Have you ever felt like the free-loader.....errrr I mean pre-loader sabotaged your load after you entered in the diad that they didn't do a good job the day before?

    I feel like that happened to me a couple weeks ago.
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    Nope, they just always suck.

    The only sabotaged load I've ever seen/heard about, was when someone took a crap in the middle of a feeder, and built a little hidey-hole around it.

    Somehow the guy unloading the trailer managed to get his hands in it, and got it all over his white t-shirt and shorts, and smelled like crap the rest of the morning...
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    Funny this came up. Last Friday a loader sabotaged the guy next to me. He was getting sick of being yelled at to hurry up. Kept complaining to the On-Road who in turn would complain to the PT sup and then the loader would catch flack. The main thing was the guy always wanted to be out of the building before his start time anyways and if he couldn't he took it out on the loader. Well.....Friday the loader loaded his whole truck in a different order. All the shelves were rearranged (like shelf 1 where shelf 6 is) and some things hiddin in different shelves. Funny thing is He leaves the loader alone now. :)

    I always try and remember these guys are being yelled at constantly. Just as we have impossible numbers sometimes so do they. So try not to be a On-Road to your loader. :peaceful:
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    I don't say a word to my loader about the load I just come in and do my thing. I talk to them, im not a jerk to them. Im just a big chilly willy bear at my advanced age. Been there too long to even trip on anything. I get paid by the hour so itz all good. The more they screw up the more money I make.
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    I thought this was funny at the time. Way back when we had load charts and black crayons I customized my drivers load for four days I mean everything in its right place everything marked the guy still raised he!! Everyday. So I loaded his whole load backwards one day. 8000 in the 1000 section so on and so on. The guy never complained again lol lol. He was a whiner and ended up quitting after 27 years.
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    When I talk to my loader I can see the words going in one ear and out the other with little to no resistance in between.
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    I know a driver that caught a preloader screwing up his load. Took 3 drivers to keep him away from the preloader.
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    I don't blame them. They have too much to do in too little time. Something's got to give.
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    He or she is a fellow worker, your not their boss. They can definitely make or break your day, not as much As they could before EDD. Back when they kept track of your stops my loader took care of me, of course when Christmas comes around he gets a nice bonus. Seriously, give then a $100 over a year less than 3 hours overtime. Trust me it makes a difference. Working together always makes things better.
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    Had a long talk with my DM about all the problems with the preload in our building. Many times its not the preloaders fault, with this new way of doing things their hands are tied in trying to do the right thing for the driver. Back in the day, a preloader was considered skilled and could move stops around in the load as they saw fit. Now all they get is grief from the sup if they move stops around to make it more efficient to load into and out of the package car. We recently had our best preloader retire over this issue. He could load any loop in the building better than anyone in dispatch or IE can or ever will on a daily basis. In the end he walked out after many heated discussions about the way he was loading did not match with the daily plan, in spite of the fact that all of us loved the way he loaded a truck. Common sense seems to have gone out the window in many aspects of life here at UPS, just glad I've only a few years of this left.
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    Complaining about your preloader is like sending your food back at a resturant. You have to assume they are going to get even with you. We had our fun sabotaging others loads. One day before pre loaders came about we held a lot of one drivers packages up at the head of the sort. During the whole sort he was really quiet and you could tell he actually thought he was going to have an easy Friday. He ended up with about half the load he normally would have taken out. Just as he slammed his rear door to make a hasty exit we broke the bad news to him. Boy was he :censored2:. Another thing that happed alot was back before automatic car starters in private vehicals, when it was brutal cold out, eveyone would start their car up when they got back to the building at night so that it would be warn by the time the were checked out. It was always fun to shut the guys heat off and turn on the air-conditioning and watch his reaction when he sat down in his supposedly warm car.
  14. Preloaders have the power to make or break ur day.

    You guys have to blame dispatch. This is how i see it, Required pph is 250, @ 3h45min of work, = 937 Packages.
    But on average i'm given 1050-1200 packages. To complete on time I'd have to be pushing 290-330 PPH. (I'm not gonna push it that hard again since i made seniority)
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    As a preloader, we either do things management's way and get bitched at by the driver, or do things the driver's way and get bitched at by management. We are getting ****ed one way or the other.
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    I don't act like I'm their boss at all. I'm friendly and cordial with all of them. But, when I'm out running off a half dozen misloads in various areas in the metropolitan area they aren't going to get a good score on their report card at the end of the day.
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    Thing is the whole system is flawed and doesn't work bottom line. Management don't care so how are the workers supposed to care.
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    It's funny you guys think the pre-com in the board actually matters to them, they care about that as much as you do about your telematics. The loads look sabotaged because of managements desire to make their numbers, not because the preload has something against you.
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    To be fair, there are some preloaders that seem to do an extra :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ty job when they know they're loading a particular driver's truck... I'm not gonna lie, there's one driver at my center that bitches about his load no matter who does it, he's always complaining. The second he walks in I know to expect someone from management to come down with 3 sheets of add-cuts right after I load the RDC up. Dude's told me to go ahead and load it up, then he bitches, add-cuts come, and he tells me I'm the one that's gonna pull out the add-cut. Okay, I'm cool with that, but I'll be damned if he can ever expect me to do anything more than get the packages on or beneath the right shelf.

    It's petty, but hey, I've been told over and over again to work smarter, not harder.