saddam bites the dust

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by DS, Dec 29, 2006.

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    Good riddance to bad rubbish!! The butcher can burn now. Oh, and the 40 virgins.......PSYCHE !!! :laugh: :laugh:
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    :hang:Too bad he didn't fight to the death like his two sons. Instead, he gets pulled out of a hole in the ground like the coward he was by an American soldier. He was thought to have been responsible for the deaths of a million people during his thirty years of rule. There should be a special place in Hell for people like him.:saddam:

    There was one death today that bothers me though. "Freckles", my eleven year old English Springer Spaniel I use as my avatar, passed away this morning. It was from a combination of old age, overeating, and being loved to death. He will be missed!:crying:
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    Sorry about your dog, scratch. We sure do get attached to them, don't we?
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    Thanks, they are like members of the family. Dogs are always happy to see us, no matter what kind of a day we have. Freckles would stand in the bay window and wait for me to get home and he would "tell" me about his day. I have never had a dog with so much personality.
  6. cheryl

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    Saddam was a cruel and evil man. It's difficult to comprehend all of the pain and suffering he caused. Somehow putting him to death didn't seem like enough punishment...

    Scratch, I'm sorry to hear about Freckles. My family has been lucky enough to have included some really great dogs over the years. It's really difficult when they die, my heart goes out to you.
  7. tieguy

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    Heres to freckles who lived his life with much more class then Saddaam could ever muster.
  8. tieguy

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    In the end Saddaam still wins. He was allowed to die with dignity and a minimum of pain while his victims died horribly brutal often torturous deaths. If there was any justice then he would be reborn and have to die a million more times in a million brutally different ways.
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    Why do some of us see an undercurrent of saddam's philosophy embraced by our management team?
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    yah i hate when they gas us or make us crawl across hot coals for not meeting production standards.

    wait. ummm

    glad im not in your center?
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    So sorry for your loss. It goes so deep as we get used to being away from family, then we have a dog, and it makes it so hard when you lose a family member you see every day, Like a dog. My thoughts are with you. It is tough. I always say Ill never get another, then a few months pass, you heal, and guess what, you bring another one home. Because they are too good to live without. Each one is special, never like the last, but they all end up being special in their own way to us.
  12. satellitedriver

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    In answer to you question,
    because you are an idiot.
    I try to not be overly personal in my posts, but in your case I gladly take acception.
    How the Hell can you equate Saddam and UPS.
    I assume you think you are making a quick cute remark. I personally take offense at your line of thinking. Many lives of are best and brightest were sacrificed to bring about the end of Saddams murderous reign.
    If you agree or disagree that we should have gone to War is another subject.
    UPS has not murdered thousands of human beings.
    For you to compare the two shows more about your mentality than reality. Please reply to this post and explain to me what you are trying to say.
  13. satellitedriver

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    I am sorry for your loss. Friends come few and far between. The only words of comfort I can give is to be thankful for the eleven years you got to share.
    As far as Saddam, he was lucky that I was not his executioner.
  14. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    So, I guess his death makes the war worth it?

    We stopped him from killing his own people but, as we have found out, they didn't need his help in killing each other. All we have done is give them new targets. Us.
  15. Overpaid Union Thug

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    If our military can do its job and not have to worry about political correctness then the terrorists (insurgents to Liberals) attacks would decline. Our commanders in the field should have complete oversight but instead have to worry about being polictaly correct. Instead of kicking the crap out of the terrorists and making examples of them they have to follow BS rules of engagement that only works to benefit the enemy. That is what makes our boys targets. At the end of WW2 the Nazis, what was left of them, were launching terrorists attacks against Americans, American interests, and anyone supporting America. They were called "Werewolves" and our military cammanders back then weren't infected with liberalism and were able to put down the Werewolves by going after them with brute force. There was no mercy. Orders were to kill them on site. No rules of engagement. They were made examples of. Torture? What we did to them was nothing compared to what the Nazis and Japs did to their prisoners. The Werewolves, and anyone else, quickly learned that the US was not to be messed with. The brute force put fear into the enemy and that combined with War of Attrition put an end to the attacks. That's what war is all about. Killing your enemy off. Injuring so many they can't fight. Putting so much fear in them they won't fight. I'm glad it was possible for our military to operate freely back then otherwise we'd be speaking German now. Our current military can't do anything right. Its because they can't kill off the enemy, or injure so many they can't fight, or strike so much fear into them they wont fight because now they have to worry about upsetting someone. They have BS rules of engagement. They are scared to pull the trigger because it might land them in a mlitary court for killing a civilian that was probably in the way, probably helping the terrorists. And worst of all.....can't fight without worrying about chipping a damn flake of paint of a mosk (<---probably not spelled right. don't care). The liberal media is hanging over our guys shoulders just waiting to report to the world about how bad, and evil they are. They show our guys getting sniped and blown up on the news yet, cut the video short just when Saddam is about to fall through the trap door. The two biggest threats to our country, and the rest of the free nations, is Islam, and Liberalism (a mental disorder). They go hand and hand and that is why our guys have become targets.
  16. over9five

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    Excellent post, BAU. Agree with that.

    Damn insurgents have no problem be-heading people on tv.
    WE SHOULD BE DOING THE SAME TO THEM. (and to their friends, families, and anyone else who even looks at our troops wrong).
  17. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I don't know about taking it that far but we do need to get tougher on the enemy. What's the point in spending time and money so that we can have the best, well trained, most state of the art military known to man if we are going to just tie their hands behind their backs with the ropes of liberalism when they are called up to do their jobs? We have arguably the best military in the world but at the same time it is the least feared. Thanks to liberalism...the cancer of the American spirit.
  18. Slothrop

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    That is an amazing point of view.

    I never imagined that the entire problem was that EVERYTHING was being run by traitors (LIBERALS). I had been led to believe that Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Condi, the whole cabal, were strong minded, righteous people. I thought the military was under the direct control of Bush, and that they were not run by a bunch of panty waist LIBERALS.

    What do you suggest that we do to get rid of the bunch of weak minded TRAITORS that are waging this half-azzed war? Do you think Congress (the voice of the People), should imprison the whole bunch, and set about restoring America’s standing in the world?

    Thanks again for your insight, it’s a real change of air to hear a viewpoint such as yours.

    PS--are you a buddy of 'bigbobups'? I think you'd like him.
  19. Slothrop

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    I agree. We should do that to anyone who betrays the public trust. Like school teachers who have affairs with their students. Don't you agree?
  20. satellitedriver

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    New targets? Look back over the news of the last 15 years. There are over 18 major conflicts going on in the world that pre-date the Iraq war. All are from islamic fanatics trying to shape the world to their vision of how the world should live. Saddams death and his sons is not the measure of this war, but
    it is a part of its conclusion in Iraq. You can believe or ignore the fact that we are in a world war. This war will continue thru most of our lifetimes, so please do not try and confine it to one scumballs death.