Safe by choice not by chance??

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by mattwtrs, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. mattwtrs

    mattwtrs Retired Senior Member

    Is this a Corporate thing or just our District thing??
  2. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    Haven't heard it, butwe have Zero, Zero, Zero Days...
    basically where they tell us we are all zeros,
    they like to bring up the one accident we have had
    in the past 100,000miles or whatever...
    therefore we suck as drivers, and should all die... or something like that.

    Who ever comes up with these "ideas" should be taken out back for a beating.
    If anything says anti-productivity its the negative feedback from management .

    Whens the last time you've been told "good job" but they'll sure as hell let you know when you F'd up...(even minorly)
  3. dodptsup

    dodptsup New Member

    We are hearing that in Pennsylvania.
  4. Load Stand

    Load Stand Guest

    It's an EC Region thing
  5. xkingx

    xkingx Member

    yeah we've been getting messages everyday..thanks for chosing to be safe today...

    like we chose to get hurt and deal with workmans comp and the harrassment by mangement..
  6. deezilfuelonly

    deezilfuelonly New Member

    Why dosn't mgmnt reallly just tell us they only care about "saftey" because it affects their bottom line. If a world existed without workers comp or insurance they would care less if we got hurt or in an accident. It is ALL about money and that is it. Target Zero just means more money in their pockets. Be safe for yourself and family because thats what really matters not their stupid propaganda.
  7. Load Stand

    Load Stand Guest

    Deezil: I agree it is what really matters...but if management is not talking about safety, unfortunately a greater number of employees will in fact get injured or be involved in it propaganda if you wish, but perhaps someone listened and it made a difference...

    We have come a long way with injuries and accidents...and yes, it does result in cost savings to the organization and less pain/suffering to the's a win/win for both...

    Safety in my opinion is the largest variable we have as an organizaton when it comes to cost...Production/efficiency is also important, but Safety should be first ....the production numbers will always be in a certain range....
  8. speeddemon

    speeddemon Guest

    Yea, I chose to hurt my arm in 95 and be out of work for 5 months, and lose all that pay, and ......................MORONS!
  9. Load Stand

    Load Stand Guest

    Speed, how did you hurt your arm? Working too fast by choice? Not taking the second or two to think how am I going to lift that package )which by after doing such for everybox shoudl come without hesitation)...not letting the wheels move first before turning that steering wheel? Or perhaps you had something happen that was not your fault/choice at all??? Your screen name suggests that you are afterall - a Speed Demon!!
  10. deezilfuelonly

    deezilfuelonly New Member

    I've been in on safety meetings where mgmnt has told us how to get a driver to admit he was at fault for any accident/injury (thats when I quit). I have to believe for my own personal values that UPS cares only about the bottom line and that saftey affects that bottom line.
  11. Megansman

    Megansman Member

    We've started the "safety shake" -- turn to another driver at the pcm, shake his or her hand and tell 'em "Be Safe."

    Needless to say, accidents are down 79%, injuries down 84% and it's all good times and gravy here. If I hadn't looked at a calender, I wouldn't even know it's peak.
  12. xkingx

    xkingx Member

    EVERY injury at UPS is YOUR fault...PERIOD!!!!
  13. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    I agree 100% in safe sex by choice, not by chance.