Safety First, Packages Later!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by stevetheupsguy, Jan 7, 2009.

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    Just got back from Hialeah, where I was knighted Safety Co-Chair, by the powers that be. I figured that I would try it for the year and see how it works out. Thanks to all for the advice, pro and con, on this issue. I only took the position because I feel I can make a difference where I work. Our sister center just recieved the monthly Jim Casey safety award, so maybe I'll start with that as my first goal for our center. Here's a picture of the award. I have more pictures, places and things written about the event, on my blog. Click the link below.
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    'Knighted cochair" Did you join the racoon lodge? Seriously, congratulations on your new assignment. Hope you can make a difference. I am sure you let us know in the future how things go relative to this task.
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    You know for you being the driver and them being management you really out dressed them steve, ones guys jacket and shirt were to big for him one needed a longer jacket and the guy on the end well...LOL Congrats steve hope ya make a difference
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    Congratulations. I think your goal is just right. Make a difference. You will.

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    What-- no beer!!! and you call that a safety meeting:happy2:. Oh well-- congrats anyway. Back when I first started our safe driving parties always encluded all the drinks and beer you wanted. Later on they limited us to 3 drink tickets each. I would imagine now days the safe driving dinners are a thing of the past:dissapointed:
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    The good ole days:knockedout:
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    Hey steve, checked out the site as you can see. Nice meeting you down there. CoCair isn't bad. Just have to push them to get you involved. I'm your sister bldg's co-chair and have been at it for 4 years with ups and downs when it comes to the involvement they allow. hang in there. we can have some control.
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    Hey congrats Steve I am glad took the position I am sure you will do a good job. Keep us posted on what happens, Remember work safer not harder!