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  1. Is this the new flavor of the day? At the PCM the other day drivers who did not fill out the folders, we were made to fill out the folders before hitting the road. Are we going to be graded on these?
  2. Forgot to tell that it is expected that drivers fill out said folders before they hit the road and filling out said folders after work is unacceptable.
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    What kind of sheet was it. Because I know here they have us fill out a sheet for the swing drivers when they cover runs about saftey on those runs....and what not, IE over 75 pounds, backing, speical stops, traffic, and so on
  5. It is basically a binder with a month of safey questions. MGT expects these folders to be answered every day before leaving the bldg. If you do not know the answers to these questions, you are flagged as a "Most help needed emplolyee". In my bldg a 27 year driver is constantly reminded of his status as a " most help needed driver." HIS SPORH IS 25.
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    wow thats crazy never heard of that before
  7. It's coming soon. We've been told it's part of our job.
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    Where are you out of?
  9. Boston area. I'm not making this up. It's ridiculous, every am the office is filled with drivers filling these folders.
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    Well Im up here in Canada and stuff does not get up here until 3=5 years after you guys have it......we have had that new Diad for just over a year now so take thats for what it worth
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    We have those!

    I had been doing mine at night when I got in because I like to get onroad ASAP in the morning. But they recently said they want it done in the morning before we hit the road. IMHO, this is to get people to do it off the clock.
    Now they want us to do it in the PCM. Guess I can't complain about that EXCEPT it's another foolish thing to make us further behind Fedex in the morning. Once agin, their priorities are soooooooo backwards.

    Make sure no-ones doing them before start time.
  12. I still do mine after I get in from the road. Also, they tried to get us to do stretching exercises before the pcm, on our on time of course. Thankfully no one participated.
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    Ditto on making sure no one does these off the clock. If it is required to do so before leaving, so be it if the center has late air. I know in our building, if pre-load is running 5 to10 late, we will have oodles of late air.

    Now, I could see doing a question or two as a group in the PCM, but not an entire folder with a months worth of questions. The DOK alone takes about 20 min.

    Why don't they make this a daily training option in the board. A question a day, like a regular oms, but we fill in the answer. Think of all the time and paper UPS could save.
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    It has been a few months since we have filled out our monthly CSA's but we were always told to do them on the road and to code the time accordingly in the DIAD. If doing the CSA would put us over 9.5 we were asked to split the time up over 2-3 days so as not to go over.
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    Must be the same thing as the 'safety books' we have to do in the morning. 2 questions (usually) about random safety stuff. We have been doing it for about 3 years though. It's one of the few things that UPS started and actually didn't phase out after a few months like the S.T.A.R committee, the stretching every morning, drivers training drivers (I liked that one since who better to learn a run from than the guy who was doing the work), and my favorite of ALL TIME....

    'We want to beat FedEx on the road every day so we will start you early'....:funny:

    Depending on the stop, I am usually the 2nd to make the delivery. FedEx is killing us on this up here and we did lose 1 account because of it.
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    what if it takes you 30 minutes to fill out this folder? hmmm,,, sounds like easy money
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    Havent seen the safety folders down here but Im sure they will show up soon. I will do mine in the evening, definately dont have time in the morning. Leaving at 9 makes getting air off some days a trick. 3 or 4 days a week im getting my last air stop off in the 10:20's. Its funny I leave my house to go to work at 8 and meet the FDX ground guys 30 minutes from their hub heading down the road. The Express hub is right down the street and they come rolling out the same time we do.
  18. I remember that mandate, "We will be the first and last service on the road." . That was many years ago. We were told that there would be staggered start times, seniority drivers would start early doing all commercial stops. Lower seniority drivers would start later. There was a time we started @ 7:50, not it's 8:40.
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    Maybe I misunderstood your post, but aren't they asking you to falsify your time card?
  20. I don't if this is true but we were told our responses were to be graded and posted for all to see in the center. I find this hard to believe, but a driver from another bldg claimed that this is true in his previous bldg. Urban myth?