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  1. anyone else have this happen to them (or someone they supervise)?

    Scenario: new loader (I stress VERY new) was being interviewed by KETER. Loader demonstrated the entire process of lifting and lowering the package (all 8 keys) in relation to him loading a package in the package car (he demonstrated the entire process while reciting it to the auditor). However, since he recited them OUT OF ORDER (5&6 flipped), but clearly demonstrated them in order, the auditor flagged him.

    What kind of BS is that? I mean I know that stuff cold (its been drilled in my head ever since I got here...annoyingly so sometimes), but even I do things like that (flip flop certain orders for some things) in the heat of the moment sometimes. Does it mean I don't know it? well according to them it would had I done it this particular day. I've never missed a day for injury nor have I ever been injured (4yrs...I know not that long haha) and have never had an injury in any area I've supervised.

    This guy was getting hit hard due to our primary pounding it out so they can get kicked out before the auditors get to that area and made that minuscule slip up so we're going to make a federal case about it? Give me a break. It just seems we have bigger fish to fry seeing as many of our injuries (read: most) occur here from workers being pushed too hard/too fast and others from WAD (2 to be exact).
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    Ketter should be happy they loader even recited all that garbage in the first place
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    i feel ya man, those ketter guys are jackals. but it's thier job, so what are you gonna do...

    i just make sure i'm confident with the skill/knowledge level of all my people, that's all you can really do when it comes ketter time. i have them do a written-out ditto thing for the 8 keys/5 steps and all that, so if i were to get yelled at by my boss i just pull them out and say 'hey, he knows it.' but you're right, they don't give any of us enough time to do our job as the letter of the law dictates.
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    Well I understand I got dinged for an employee doing 100% correct but when the employee put the package back on the belt, he bent at his waist....

    My question if Im properly doing it, how do I flip the steps when saying it?
  5. Good question and I'm not sure either, but I watched him demonstrate it properly I couldn't really hear him so I'm going on the auditors word on that one. "Demo complete and correct, reversed 5 and 6 while reciting" was what was shown to me.
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    Those are weird ones to flip too, the ones i normally see people flip are 3 &4
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    Common sense has got to come in to play during Keter audits. If the kid recited them but simply reversed 2 of the steps then it should be noted as such but the center should not be dinged for it, especially if he properly demonstrated each step.
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    We just had a KETER audit about 2 wks ago. My solution-----they were busy in the office so I clocked and left. I was never told I had to go to the office, so I didn't. I figure I did my boss a favor.:happy-very: