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  1. hyena

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    Ive been working an 8 hr sat for almost 2 years. I make my deliviries the first half of the day and then I do a shuttle the 2nd half. Im hearing now that theyre going to get another part timer to do part of it. Can they do this? can they make 2 seperate jobs out of one? I know im only guaranteed 3 hrs as a sat air driver but ive done this at least over a year and a half and now that ive hit top rate they want to turn it into two jobs to save money. Im figuring out real quick that their is a lot of weak language for part timers because they couldnt do this to a full timer. As always I appreciate any help thanx guys!
  2. stevetheupsguy

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    When I worked Saturdays, the senior person always got the most hours.
  3. govols019

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    We always had some one come in to do the Saturday afternoon pickups. The only time we had one employee do deliveries and pickup was because of call-ins.
  4. MR_Vengeance

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    a long time ago.............

    America's Victory: The 1997 UPS Strike
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    UPS is discovering new ways to cut expenses and this is one. Our center just eliminated a full time clerk job, making it a PT one. The FTer got bumped back into a combo job. Every center and hub is being asked to find ways to cut expenses. Welcome to the new UPS.
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    UPS is not responsible for helping you maximize your income. Take a look at your local news or paper, with the state of the economy there are alot of people out there who would love to just have a job to go to. The company's earnings go down you can rest assured yours will go down to. Be thankful your not in a job where the employees are having to make wage concessions.
  8. hyena

    hyena Well-Known Member

    yea Steve thats how its always been here. I guess the senior person always has had the 8 hr day forever but now they want to turn it into 2 jobs. So they can pay the other guy half of what they pay me it just dont seem right.
  9. hyena

    hyena Well-Known Member

    You know rather then argue with you ill leave it at this I was asking for advice and if anyone else has seen or been in a situation like mine! I know what its like right now in this world... nope im not gonna argue!
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    Hyena.....regarding your avatar. I've never paid much attention to hyenas before, but I happened to catch a special on Animal Planet and this guy was giving a hyena a ride in his car. Those animals are a lot bigger that I had imagined them to be. This guy was friends with lions & hyenas.....maybe you'll catch the special sometime.
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    Thats awsome Moreluck I wish I had a pet Hyena ha ha..... Ill definitly be on the look out.
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    That video brings back alot of memories, remember when we had union leaders that did the right thing for us from the ibt.

    I had to get out my old strike signs that i have framed and polish them off. I have them hanging in my garage so i see them every morning when i back out and every evening when i pull in.
  13. helenofcalifornia

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    In defense of Hyena, he has gotten used to a certain standard of living by working that 8 hours every Saturday, and is not now. It's a difficult adjustment when you are not making the same amount of money each week.
  14. hyena

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    Thanx Helon I appreciate you having my back. I guess ill just have to accept it then. I was hoping to hear from someone who said they fought it somehow and won but oh well. Just looking back I wish I would have told them no cause no one else wanted to do it. I said sure and done it every week for them. As soon as I got excited about making top rate they take it from me.
  15. hyena

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    Damn Mr Vengeance that was a good video! Wow UNITY UNITY UNITY something were lacking again but thats the only way to win. Hopefully we get a good leader who will negotiate a better contract in 2013! Whats up RED? I wish the Union, The Teamsters were still as strong as we were then! And we still cared about each other instead of ourselves like in that video.
  16. some1else

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    idk i do eams, airs, and p/u on sat and usually get 10-11 hours if they cut me back to 3.5 hr guarantee i would be :censored2:. i know the tue-sat 22.3 get priority after that by senority.

    i dont see anything in the contract to protect these hours from being split into 2 part-timers.

    the only thing i can think of is claiming that mgmt is overstaffing. file claiming they are forcing to many people to come in saturday in relation to volume (would only work if the other ptimer doesnt want to work).
  17. hyena

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    Yea its funny because when I started we always had two people on sat. Then we got 3 people which has never made sence now theyre wanting to throw a 4th person on. The one guy doesnt want to work so they brought the 3rd guy on I guess to help even out the work. Why then, not get two people who want to work sat. They say they want to cut costs!
  18. gandydancer

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    It's hard to lose income, and I sympathize. But the 8 hr job was never bid as such and if it had there's no guarantee or even likelihood that you would have gotten it. The guy with a grievance is the guy who was never offered the vacant (covered by your double shifting) job, if he has more seniority than you. Sorry.
  19. gandydancer

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    Uhh... we did. 35 cents this year, and the 2/1/09 35 cents not guaranteed? No bennies for a year for new hires still getting 1980 wages? Hello?
  20. upsman29

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    As far as your question, As long as they schedule someone for the shuttle they can break it into 2 jobs. Seniority only comes into effect if the person doing the shuttle has worked earlier than that start time. We have a afternoon shuttle at our center that the top seniority person working who wants to do the extra work does so. We don't have enough air drivers qualified for them to break it down into separate jobs. I'm sure in the future they will break it down because its usually a 11 hr day for the person doing it.