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    When someone starts working as a loader at my hub, the trainer only teaches them the bare minimum requirements to operate the scanner. They are only shown how to log in and to reset in the event of a scanner disconnect. I've found, through other loaders and by experiment (the button labels are worn off on most of our scanners), that there are a lot of tricks you can do to save time and be more efficient, such as how to link a bag with no label to a feeder. I have tried to find an online manual for these scanners, with no success. If anyone knows any helpful tips or tricks, please post them here. I realize that the scanners probably differ from place to place, so any information about what type of scanner it is would be helpful too. I know, for example, that ours run some version of Windows. Also, don't hesitate to post tips that might seem really silly, as I can remember a time when I had no idea how to adjust something as simple as the volume. Here are a few things that I didn't know when I started:

    1. If you get a "Scanner Disconnect" message, remove the battery from the IR piece and then put it back in BEFORE trying to reassociate it. You're much less likely to get a "Bluetooth Association Failed" if you do this.

    2. In Control Mode ("C" in the top right corner), you can adjust the volume, the contrast of the display, and activate a bright green light (similar to an Indiglo watch) by pressing various buttons. I don't know which buttons these are exactly, as the labels are all worn off on our scanners, but you'll know when you press them.

    3. If you get a smalls bag with no label, you can still link it to the feeder, which is a lot better than taking each package out and scanning it individually. Hit the "-" key to go out to the main options window and scroll down to "Package Inquiry" and select it. Now scan a package inside the bag and press the button below "Bag." Cycle through the ULDs until you find your feeder and then link the bag. This is a much better alternative than scanning each small or, even worse, just throwing the bag in like some people do.

    4. You can also use the above method to remove a package from the ULD, in case you have already scanned a package after it. Just follow the same procedure, but instead of hitting "Bag," you hit "Remove."

    5. Ever take a shot of packages that won't scan? If they are all from the same place, they will have similar tracking numbers, usually only differing in the last six numbers or so. After key-entering the first package, you can hit F4 to bring up the first six numbers of the last tracking number entered. This saves a lot of time when you encounter those unscannable shots.
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    Thanks for those tips, sounds like some real time savers! I don't use the scanner often enough to take advantage but am sure some others on here will use them.
  3. A faster way to remove a package: while in control mode, hold the 5 key, and push F2 to remove the last package you scanned.

    also "minus minus" to see the time.
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    For bags made in your hub, dumping them and scanning each piece is effectively the same as just throwing the bag in without linking it. The pieces still come up as not scanned to the truck and are departure errors. The way you do it is the correct way.
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    No, the pieces don't come up as not scanned to the trailer. The bag still does. Let's say that you had a 20 piece bag. You just throw it in there, you miss 1 bag for 21 pieces. (20 pieces plus the bag itself.)

    You scan all the smalls and you still have a missed bag, but only for 1 piece.
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    No, if the bag was made at your hub, and not scanned, every piece is a departure error, even if they are individually scanned. I have a problem with this now, because I don't think the bags are even making it to our belt without getting dumped. So there is nothing any of the loaders can do because they don't know they were already linked to a bag ULD. It still comes up in seas as departure errors for each piece.

    If the bag was made at another hub, and unloaded at your hub, you won't get the departure scan errors if the bag is dumped and pieces scanned. I know some people dump these bags to increase the pieces scanned / trailer.