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    Dunno, not herd not really researched it on here, but dose anyone eles have to scan the post office while they load? Just wanting to see how many pre-loaders acutally do it and how man cars they are loading. :happy2:
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    I believe the correct spelling is "Doez"
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    Now that ya mention it . . .

    Unfortunately I left my pocket dictionary in my other pants. :wink2:
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    How does that work? Does the building have a big barcode on it?
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    No, you have to do it piece by piece.
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    Don't you just hate the grammar and spelling police.

    bk, this has been discussed here before. The preload is using either the driver's regular DIAD or a spare DIAD and scanning/bagging all pkgs going to the P.O. This does make it easier on the driver as all he has to do is drop the forever bags, pickup the empty bags from the previous day, and get a signature. The problem comes in when there is a missing pkg.

    Some drivers have said they just drop the bags and get a signature while others say they rescan every package as this is not preloader work.
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    Well we was just wondering at my center. and sorry for the grammer. looks like the drivers could do something about this taking time away from them.
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    If the DIAD has my name in it, then I will scan the packages.
    No exceptions.
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    At my building, out of all the different post office locations there is only one that really gets a lot. That location gets roughly 100 pieces a day and the pre-loader has to scan and bag. I don't deliver there so I'm not sure what the driver does, but as far as what Ive witnessed the loader do, is they stack and then scan at the end of the shift. Funny thing is that out of the 6 cities in my building this city is the smallest real town, so I wonder why only this location has the packages go to the post office. Does anyone know what determines this?
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    We deliver most of the basic in urban zipcodes in rural the postoffice does.
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    I have one P.O. stop, with an average of 35 packages, in one of the 3 cars I load. They are not scanned by me or anyone else while I'm there.
    I do have another stop that averages about 70 envelopes a day and they are typically scanned by someone from the center(?) before the driver arrives.