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  1. Backlasher

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    Yes, Schools are gearing up their stock and book orders. I've been waiting 4 this sence last August.
    Now I can finaly get a workout. No docks or receiving area. Many stairs to climb and as always the exciting chance to play find the janitor or someone to sign game. Awesome stuff.

    Are u guys as excited as me? I have 7 on this route I've been covering this Summer. I'm sure glade the bid driver wants nothing 2 do with his route during this season and would rather cover other routes, LoL.
  2. Cementups

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    I used to deliver a school on my old route but the whole campus got their deliveries to one location. Boy did that suck :p Damn, and now my new route has no schools. Shucks!!
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You are covering a bid area because the driver who bid on that area is covering other areas? Why don't they just train you on those other areas?

    I have 3 public schools and a college on my area. The college bookstore is gearing up for the semester. I had 85 for them on Friday. Thankfully they have a dock and it took about 10 minutes. The public schools have gotten a few deliveries but haven't started getting their big orders yet. Each of the schools have office staff working throughout the summer.

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    We have a guy that does this regularly. He hates his bid rte now and will run other rtes he knows if he can. We are weak in certain areas so to him and management it's win win.

    What is "train" lol.
  5. menotyou

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    Training is a bad word at Black River. It is never uttered.
  6. Backlasher

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    I have other route knowledge under my belt that I run good on. The initial intention was just to have me trained on this as a new route to learn. The bid driver had only had this route for a short time but hates it and worried about all the schools on it as well so he talked with management on him swinging over routes that he has done well on in te past and to keep me on this one the remainder of summer and himn off it. I said I don't mind if it keeps my work solid and not being on call. I run this route well but yea there are alot of schools on it and breaking trace to get all there bulk off before 3 can really screw up the day, LoL. I like a challenge though and why not do a crazy route during the prime of good weather. At least it's not my route cause I couldn't see good numbers on it breaking trace for all the schools and still pull off business spread all over with truck ice skating in January, Feb.
  7. Backlasher

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    There was a charter School on that closed and I thought kewl, one less school to worry about. Well, now that vacent building is undergoing a new purchase and will be opened next week if purchase follows threw. I'm a little concerned about what kind of volumn a "NEW" school might bring me!! Doesn't sound good on my end.

    Anyone ever have a new school open up on their route and was the volumn bad??? Probably a dum question, I'm sure they will slam me with bulk.
  8. Backlasher

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    You shoulda seen the mountain of school "FUTURES" stacked by the clerk Firday from all the routes. I didn't want to future the 2 schools i didn't get off but was made to. I don't want those coming back to me in a week on top of new volumn. I wanted to see if I could get lucky on Monday finding a janitor at these schools and clean that crap out but not my choice. I noticed the ghetto routes have ALOT of schools, kinda funny and ironic.

    Our center is now a school warehouse. There just has to be a better way to handle this school volumn and why don't our center s work out some kind of co-operative efficiant plan with these schools. Get some communicated plan on getting this crap off smoothly. If it takes a set scheduled time to meet someone at these schools to del and get a sig then plan it out. You could almost set a whole new route just for these schools in the bulk of August.

    A dedicated "SCHOOL" route. Planed out with set time meets between the schools and the people there to recieve there stuff. It would probably save ALOT of Time and $$$ for UPS. Wild goose chase with multiple fully stacked dollies up a bunch of stairs in an almost vacant school and then to be futured or a BULKY SEND AGAIN has to be costing ups alot of $$$$$.

    Have a Cheap seasonal guy run a route for the schools on scheduled set days with a scheduled set time for a meet with school faculty. It's only temperay anyway. Does this sound like a good idea?
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  9. Bubblehead

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    5 schools on my route.
    They all start back in two weeks.
    Took 3 weeks of vacation leading up to it.
  10. island1fox

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    E books will eliminate this problem in the very near future !!
  11. Backlasher

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    LoL, in my area most guys that have routes with a lot of schools try to take vaca in August.

    Off topic, but my birthday usually falls during the 1st few days of school. I hated it as a kid. Having a summer birthday that came when school started.

    I couldn't c myself taken a long vaca to come back soft, relaxed and get slammed with schools. I would rather be primed up and ready for a heavy school route with blood pumped up and at the ready, then vaca after as a reward or try to vaca during "school peak season".

    Sence I'm only summer fulltime, I have my vaca set right after Labor day to pat myself on the back and prepare my mind again for 4 in the morning wakes and unorganized E.A.M. CHAOS.

    CHAOS definition: refers to a state lacking order or predictability.

    * lack of intelligible pattern or combination

    * a branch of mathematics and physics that deals with the behavior of certain nonlinear dynamics

    * a chasm or abyss

    Did I ever mention I hate E.A.M. /Air work. I'd much rather b Full time.
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  12. moreluck

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    I can't believe that it's even time for school to start. Where did the summer go? Grandson starts Aug. 10 and had his all day orientation yesterday.
    Used to be school didn't start 'til after Labor Day. Families were still having their vacation trips in late August.
  13. Backlasher

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    Yea, I know. I have no time in Summer except weekends for my kids, I'm a human Vegitable on Saturday morning. I don't get vaca or real time off for them untill after Summer and then they are in School so we still lose out. SUCKs.

    Have me Air drive Summer and work full time during school seasons, LoL.
  14. iowa boy

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    Watch those safety videos and recite you 5 and 10 and the 8 keys and 5 keys. As long as you are safe, you don't need any training. Remember, a monkey can do any job within UPS now. :happy-very:
  15. soberups

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    Its funny how I never get OJS rides on the days when the school district office gets 2700 lbs of textbooks and 1200 lbs of copy paper from Office Depot. I could sure use some refresher training on the "proper" method for loading the handtruck and hauling those boxes inside while being in compliance with all of the Keys and Methods and Commentaries.
  16. Backlasher

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    Whats the proper method for hiking all those books and paper up multiple flights of stair cases to the office and while doing so have a good sphor???

    I have 3 schools that are newly built and only a few yrs old. very modern and huge like college campus but none of them set up for a way to receive bulk. They all have recieving docks for cafe lunch ONLY. Whats up with that. After hiking multiple dollies worth of stuff up stairs then it'hallways to the main office were they might or might not take their shipments. Crazy. Set up for food receiving only. Totally neglecting to design into the new buildings a way to recieve over bulk. Thank you wonderfull engineers. City tax $$ well spent on cosmetics without function.
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  17. hurricanegunner

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    I feel lucky: I only have five schools on my route.