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    Ok I have been a seasonal driver a couple of times for the last couple of years, i have also been with the company for 7 years as a pre-loader. Well this summer I have been driving every day for the last 2 months and they plan on using me all the way though the september deadline. My question is isn't their a rule or something in the union book that they have to hire you if you drive 30 days during the seasonal season and then 1 time out side the seasonal that they have to hire you? Or if you drive so many consecutive seasonal seasons in a row? I am tired of not getting hired as a full time driver.
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    If I recall the contract says you have to make 160 reports to work for the year. If you work more then that, they are required to make another full time poistion, but keep in mind it goes by seniority so they dont have to make you a full time driver if someone has been waiting for the position
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    This wil be covered in your local supplement. Depends on your area as to your rights. In the Central it states: No time worked by a new hire in a second or subsequent consecutive free period shall count toward seniority. Any proven abuse of this provision shall be reviewed by the Central Region Co-Chairs.
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    It seems UPS has the attitude lately that they don't have to do anything that's in the contract. They do what they want to, we have to grieve it, and then maybe, someday, something will be done about it.
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    Not arguing with you, because I do agree. But where do you see any contract violation here? If there is language being violated I would like to see it please.

    The real way to fix this problem is for no one to take the seasonal jobs. If everyone turned them down and the company sees that the only way to get drivers is to hire them full time permanent they would have no choice but to do so. I know it would never happen because there would always be someone willing to take the position, but wouldn't it be great if everyone stood together and showed the power of collective bargaining units!!
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    This sounds like a good idea but in my building all seasonal drivers have come off the street for the past few years. So if inside people don't take the spots UPS will find someone.
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    I've had that on my mind lately and am thinking about not doing the seasonal thing 4 that reason after this, but I also worry that they'll just get the seasonal workers from outside and positions will get fullfilled anyway and I would still be a sitting duck. If all insiders stuck 2 it and if there wasn't a line of outsiders waiting 4 seasonal then maybe it would work.