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    I know this is probably a "common" question but I am scheduled to interview as a seasonal driver and wanted to see if anyone could give me an idea of what type of questions I need to know the answers to during the interview, I have been to the "tour" and called back to interview - Any help, or heads up would be greatly appreciated.
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    You people baffle me. Somehow, most of us managed to get jobs at ups before we'd ever heard of Browncafe (or before the internet even existed lol). What should I wear to the interview? How should I comb my hair? Should my mommy come with me? What kind of questions do they ask? When will I get hired? Do I get my own truck? Is it brown? Does it have heat? When do I get my UPS outfit? Is that brown too? What type of shoes should I buy?
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    Did you forget that you are chairperson of the BC Welcome Wagon??? Here, I'll demonstrate AGAIN:

    Welcome to Brown Cafe, Brownquestions! I hope that someone who has recently done this will answer your questions. Till then, enjoy the forum!
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    Listen Over, until the chairperson of the Welcome Wagon becomes an hourly position, I'll respond how I like lol. Besides, if you stifle my sarcasm and creativity, when will you ever have to clean iced coffee off your windshield again?? lmao
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    Forgot the socks, again.
  6. Didn't have to answer any questions when I started driving just got offered the job.
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    Is it a prerequisite of this board to be a jackass when someone asks a question?
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    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    ​When the same questions are asked again and again, yes, it is.
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    Wear Hammer pants and shades to your interview and tell 'em you're 2 Legit 2 Quit.
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    Over....I think I found a co-chairperson for the Welcome
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    It develops over time.

    I should try googling it.
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    If I were you, I would go to the UPS facebook page and ask. Send us the link, I'd be curious to see how they respond.
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    hmm, one of the main questions is "can you drive a vehicle with a manual transmission"

    eventhough, you'll most likely be driving a rental uhaul box truck with an auto transmission if there's not enough UPS stepvans in your local hub...

    if i'm wrong, don't rep this post :peaceful:

    ps: recite the 5 keys & 10 point commentary to really push ahead of the pack
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    then dont go to the thread if your tired of it
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    I'm finishing my week of UPS driver training tomorrow and hope to start as a seasonal driver next week. I was asked two questions:

    1) Why do you want to be a UPS driver (sometimes asked in an incredulous tone).
    2) Can you drive a standard transmission?

    Before you get to go to training you'll take a road test with a supervisor in a standard transmission truck. The vital thing to know here is that you'll be asked to park on a hill and then get moving again. If you roll backwards, you fail.

    It is hard, physical labor and you can't be at all lazy. Long hours, especially during peak season. Ask yourself how you feel about these aspects.
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    You should have sick in the head............thats why I want to work here! I should fit right in??
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    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    That's the right kind of're hired!! lol