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  1. Jbr76

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    What is the pay rate for new seasonal feeders at Philadelphia Hub?
  2. Yeet

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    Cover drivers get 85% of top rate where I’m at. So, $31.
  3. BigUnionGuy

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    The Local 623 Rider doesn't say that.

    (b) The progression for employees entering a package car driving, feeder, or other full-time job (other than an air, Article 43 jobs, or a job covered by Article 41 Section 3, 4 or 6) after August 1, 2018 shall be as follows:

    Twelve (12) months Twenty-four (24) months Thirty- six (36) months Forty-eight (48) months

    $21.00 $23.00 $24.00 $28.75 Top Rate

    He said "seasonal".
  4. Yeet

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    Good to know. Figured seasonal and cover would be at the same rate. I’ve never been seasonal so I should have just kept my mouth shut.
  5. Foodslinger

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    They are paying seasonals $37.25 in some places.
  6. Jbr76

    Jbr76 New Member

    Thank you for the info