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  1. casey5

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    Recently, I worked as a driver helper, but due to college, and the way that my break was, I was only able to work the week of Dec. 19-23. I know that they hold out a weeks pay, but since I only worked a weeks time, will I still have to wait two weeks for my check to show up? Also, I am living with my parents during the break, and their address is the address that I used on the paperwork, but since I go to college, the address on my drivers license is different than the address where my parents live. Does anyone know where they will mail my paycheck; to my parents house, which I listed on the paperwork, or the address on my drivers license, which is out of state? I have tried to get in contact with the UPS center where I went for orientation, but no one ever answers the phone. I really do not want to drive all the way down to the UPS center because it is around 50 miles from where my parents live. Thanks!!
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    I haven't heard of UPS holding back a weeks pay, maybe thats the case in the region you are in, but they do not do that here...I know this for a fact as i would have gotten an earful from my helper lol. They will not send you your check. You have to go to the facility and hand in your ID and uniform. They give you your check then.
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    I gave my Uniform to my driver the last day that I worked. Do you think that I should drive down to the center and ask for the check?
  4. NYdriver

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    I would call
  5. casey5

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    That's the problem, when I try to call the # that I looked up online, for the center, no one ever answers. When I try to call the # that the HR person called from, they never answer. I have the number for the driver that I was with, but I really do not want to bother him. I guess I will check the mailbox for where I live, when I get there next week.
  6. cosmo1

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    If you only called today, remember that we are closed.
  7. philmydoyle

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    Just text him and say " hey sorry to bother you but im the driver helper that worked with you the other week I didn't get my pay check any way you can see if they got my hours thanks" simple as that or drive,walk,run catch the bus over there and tell them you didn't get your check lol
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    Call the center tomorrow and ask them to give the check to the driver that delivers to your parents house.

    They don't hold a check--you are paid the following Friday for work done this week.

    We had two helpers, both college students, who also worked a limited schedule. Both worked with their fathers. I would have loved to have had my son help me during his college break but he is not a morning person.
  9. casey5

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    This was actually my first proper job that I have ever had. My driver was really surprised that I chose this job. I found it was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed the job. The most stops we had were 212 stops. The worst part about the job was the pants. I am a little on the short side, and I had to temporarily hem the pants and fold up 8 inches of fabric, just so that I could wear the pants. Also, I was told to order pants, two sizes too big during orientation, and I had to punch extra holes in my belt to get it tight enough so they weren't falling down around my ankles. I really hated that I was given no training at all during orientation, they said that the driver would work the DIAD. I asked my driver if he could teach me some, and I now know how to scan and d.r. a package. I almost got in 40 hours for the only week that I worked, and I really enjoyed it. I hope that I can do this again next year and I get as good a driver that I got this year.
  10. soberups

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    Go ahead and bother him.

    You busted your ass, you deserve to get paid. Call him and explain the situation, at the very least he should be able to give you the phone number of someone who can actually help you.

    I had a helper get shorted 3 days pay one year due to some sort of a payroll data entry error. She kept getting the runaround, getting put on hold, leaving voice mails that never got answered etc. Out of frustration, she finally called me. I found the person who was responsible and saw to it that the error was corrected immediately. I can be very "persuasive" when I want to be.
  11. NYdriver

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    My helper always ended up with about the same hours i did. I would have him meet me at the building so I could just leave with him and bring him back instead of picking him up and dropping him off. Glad you enjoyed your time at UPS.
  12. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    If you had been my helper, I would have told you not to worry about trying to hem the uniform pants and to just wear a clean, neat pair of your own jeans or khaki pants instead . Poorly fitting uniform pants look far more tacky and unprofessional than normal pants that dont happen to be brown. With 200+ stops on board and a 60 hr week to deal with, the last thing I give a sh%t about is whether or not my helper is wearing "official" UPS-issued pants.
  13. iowa boy

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    Where I'm at, the helpers had to sign a form giving permission for our center to mail out the final checks for the helpers who couldn't pick them up from the building.
  14. SmithBarney

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    Our helpers just got a Brown UPS "pullover" windbreaker. I do remember my first Peak(at UPS)
    I drove a 28ft straight truck with 600-800 pieces in it. I'd run a handful of NDA then I was assigned 3-4 helpers that would
    meet me on main street, and we'd hammer out 10 blocks of commercial(a few resi) stops. I'd stay
    with the truck and just fill hand carts for the next helper back. We'd run from ~10am-1pm Most
    days I'd get them breakfast at the end(there was a BK) After lunch I'd head 60miles out of town
    with the truck and go pick up 800+ pieces from a internet toy store, they were good enough to
    make and wrap all the packages onto pallets for us... (it made a very time consuming bad stop, into a very good stop)
    but I still had to wait until their cutofff before I could leave. I'd come back park the truck on the
    belt for the reload. Then take left behind packages or go out and help someone nearby.

    Nobody wanted this route I can't imagine why, having great helpers and being able to manage them well is Key, my ctr mgr
    actually gave me praise for handling these guys.

    If you can't tell I miss PEAK at UPS.. peak at FEDEX well just isn't the same.
  15. casey5

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    I called the center this morning, and I was told that I had two checks waiting on me. I am going to pick them up today. I am guessing that one check is for orientation time, and the other check is for my actual work time.
  16. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    Good for you. Just had to wait until the center was open.

    Good luck next year.
  17. casey5

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    Got my check, I worked 39.5 hours in my only week of work. I REALLY hope that I can work again next year, maybe get more days in. Nice chunk of change for only a week.