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    i was hired as a full time seasonal driver 9/2009. in driver school we called regular temporary drivers. what does this mean? do temps get any benefits? what are the chances of being hired as a driver after christmas?
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    Even if you do a great job the chances you get hired permanently are very slim. In most areas the hiring is 6 per 1 outside(which you would be). Those are usually for pt management. Sorry.....
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    You need to find out if your building will be hiring after peak. If so let your center manager know that you are interested in driving full time. Ask for extra work. I got lucky and was hired this way 2yrs ago.
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    Don't make any plans based on getting a full-time job at UPS ... no matter what anybody tells you.

    Good luck.
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    i was kinda worried about that too. worried that i will not have a job after christmas. but they told us that they will hire us as a preloader after christmas
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    Please refer to post # 4.