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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by brownny, Aug 11, 2004.

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    <font color="000000"><font face="arial,helvetica"></font>talked to a driver the other day and he was caught with his seat belt off. told to go home for the rest of that day and told to come in the next day and they would talk about what he had done. ups wanted to give him 3 weeks off without pay. seems other drivers caught were only given 3 days. the out come from this meeting was that he was given a warning letter. so what ever you do wear your seat belt. big brown is watching</font>}
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    And you think that is why you should wear your seat belt, because big brown is watching? Jeez
  3. moreluck

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    "what ever you do wear your seat belt. big brown is watching}"
    Brownny..... the seat belt is to save lives, at work and in your private vehicles no matter who's watching.
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    Given the troubles we have with safety and driving, isn't it worth it to buckle up? Heck, didn't you guys hear about the sup getting killed a few weeks ago, caught under a pile of packages when the driver hooked up? It can happen, and it does, just buckle up and get on with it...
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    Would you wear a seat belt because your wife and four kids are watching?
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    There was a driver in New England who was not wearing the seat belt and had a DR bag on the seat to keep it from getting wet from the rain. Slid off the seat and down into the cab and crashed. Lucky to be alive.
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    The rule is if the wheels are moving, I think it should be if the car is started. Whatever, whoever is watching, you are getting paid to do it, It was a rule at UPS before it was a law.
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    Seat belts made the difference for me during my previous career in law enforcement. I swerved to avoid a head on crash with a guy later found to be DUI. My cruiser struck 2 light poles and I escaped with minor injuries.

    If Im in a car, the belts are on. I dont care whos watching.
  9. mr_roboto

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    If I'm payed to wear my seat belt, it will be fastened.

    If I'm on my own time, it's my business and nobody elses.

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    We'll have your family put that on your tomb stone.
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    roboto....IT'S THE LAW !!!
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    I fully agree with you! I don't think most people realize how many freedoms are being taken away by well meaning (nanny state) lawmakers. I WILL say that I DO wear a seat belt all the time when driving (I started by putting seat belts in my NEW 1962 Plymouth Valiant when none were offered by the manufacturer!) BUT, that was my choice. I don't believe that the seat belt law should exist nor do I believe a helmet law for motorcycle riders should be in place. Both are a personal choice and before anyone uses the "I'll have to pay the hospital costs of those who are badly injured" I feel that is a bunch of well meaning nonsense. If any lawmaker really felt that way, cigarettes and many other dangerous thing would have been outlawed decades ago. I do believe seat belts should be manditory for persons below the legal driving age and their parents or the driver of the vehicle held responsible for huge fines if the kids are caught without them on, but that is because ones that young are not afforded the responsibility for their own actions and MUST BE CARED FOR BY OTHERS.

    This country was founded on rugged individualism and we have morphed into somewhat of a nanny state with people suing instead of taking personal responsibility. That will not keep this country great!!!
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    I agree as well. Its my choice to wear a seat belt and I also feel the same way about helmet laws.
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    driven feeders for 28 out of 34 years only buckled up when icy, when sup. was present, when about to stop for scales, but use it all the time in my vehicles. hated to be strapped into that seat..
  15. wornoutupser

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    I am an ex fireman for 14 years and you will not catch me without my belt on- I have seen too many deaths that could have been prevented. The worst was a 4 year old girl that slammed into the windshield- she would have lived with a belt on.
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    my tombstone...

    my son wants to preserve my head in a silver jar next to the head of Ted Williams. The rest of my body will be creamated and divided equally among my four daughters...

    my tombstones.....

    MR ROBOTO born Dec 25, 1955 died Dec 26, 2068

    (1) his head is in a jar...but part of him is here.

    (2) If I'm on my own time, it's my business and nobody elses.

    (3) rules and laws are made to be broken

    (4) live free or die

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    I'm not going to change anyone's mind, no one can, but I've got to vent on this one.

    1: If you don't wear your seat belt when riding with your children, be sure another adult there does so they can comfort your children at the accident scene while the troopers wipe your grey matter off their faces.

    2: Be sure that you're a real <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font> to that kid working at the 7-11, so when he crosses the yellow line and hits you head on after "Thirsty Thursday" at the Burger and Brew he'll be able to live with himself, at least after his 18 month license suspension is up.

    3. Be sure you tell your wife you love her every time you leave the house. The chances you'll get home alive are pretty good, but if there is a serious accident you have 300% less chance of seeing her again compared to the guy belted in. Think about how much nicer it would be to wake up with her worried face hovering over you than a priest asking you if there is anything you need to confess.

    Hey, I'm being awfully pesimistic. You might live without the seatbelt. Miracles happen. I'm sure you and your wife will be just as happy when she's spooning you soup and changing your catheter as you would have been drinking wine in Napa or rolling on the lawn with your grandkids.

    You are absouletly right. It's your choice. Good luck with that.
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    <font color="000000"><font face="arial,helvetica"></font>all i wanted to do was warn the drivers out there that do NOT wear their belt. i found it very hard to put that belt on every time the wheels turned. sometimes i would only go a few buildings before my next stop. any ways watch out big brown is watching.
    have a great day</font>}[​IMG]
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    Also, kids watch carefully and it teaches them to buckle up automatically as soon as they sit in a car because they see us do it a million times.
  20. ups_gregg

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    <font color="0000ff">Not wearing a seat belt is EVERYONE's business. Why? Because people wearing seatbelts are less likely to lose control of their vehicle resulting in an accident. The comment about a driver slipping from his seat is a good example. He could have hit someone head on. EVERY driver (commercial or not) should HAVE TO WEAR the belt. While driving an automobile (or riding in one) everyone is more at risk of getting injured or killed than most other activities simply becuase of the fact that people do stupid things like driving drunk or not wearing seat belts or talking on cell phones. So you see....what you do in your own vehicle IS everyone's business. </font>