Selecting vacation today!!!!!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by brownboxman, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. brownboxman

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    My last time for selecting vacation at UPS later today! I will have 6 weeks before my seniority date and 8 weeks after(Sept 15). Leave for vacation Aug 3 and retire from UPS Nov 9th!!!!! Thanks for the memories!
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  3. over9five

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    If you were any kind of UPSer, you'd stay through Peak!!!!


    (Wanna at least be my runner???)
  4. Richard Harrow

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    Congratulations! Am I misunderstanding when I'm led to believe you have 14 weeks vacation?
  5. My guess would be 6 weeks vacation he rolled from last year he has to use before his seniority date. His 7 weeks after his seniority date plus his holiday week.....3 optionals, Birthday, and anniversary .

    Congrats to you!!!
  6. brownboxman

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  7. Congrats boxman!


    Wait a minute you are suppose to get days off for Birthdays and Anniversaries?
  9. Anonymous 10

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    Every region as different things in their supplement.
  10. Anonymous 10

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    In other words this guy is truly blessed.
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    God bless brownboxman You made it
  12. rod

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    Way to go brownboxman. You will throughly enjoy retirement. I guarantee it.
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    Nice that you have to pick all of next years vacation in early Oct. So much for spur of the moment trips.
  14. brownboxman

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    Thank everyone for the comments, I have done my fair share of complaining about UPS, but the people we work with and the customers we serve really make for a pretty good career. Not many careers offer the ability to be in contact with such a diverse group and be welcome at their homes on a daily basis. The "Big Brother" element at UPS has made it an easy choice however. In "The Good 'ol Days, when they sent us out with a loaded package car and said go deliver these to the right place and do it quickly! are a lot different from the constant oversight now provided by technology. There was a certain pride in the "free agent" feeling we had back then. Dont get me wrong it was still very hard work, but the workers dignity has been erroded in the system we work in today, I am going out into the world to re-establish that dignity!......Well in nine months!!!
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    Have a nice retirement brother, you've earned it. I'm in line behind you, make them footsteps easy to find please.