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  1. Hey All,

    Just wondering, I started working @ UPS Oct 21st 2008 which was during the "seasonal" period, the rehired me on the first working day of 2009 which was january 5th. Now once I was hired they say there is a 30 day grace period and THEN a 90 day probational period.

    So I'm assuming Febuary 5th would've been my first "permanent" day and may 5th should be the end of my probationary period. My question is, which one of these four dates (Oct 21st, Jan 5th, feb 5th, may 5th) is my seniority date? And which one do I start counting from until my year is up for benefits to kick in?
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    I believe you achieve seniority on either your 30th day or 31st day.

    Could be way wrong.
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    I could be wrong, one of the other more seasoned guys will let you know for sure. Once you get hired on permanently is when it matters so Jan 5; Will be your seniority date. You have to hit your 30days first which count as 30 working days so don't get sent home before you work a minute! Once you get your 30 days and are in the union your seniority date will revert back to your hire date. I think anyway. There are some really helpful smart people here, they'll lead you the right way. As far as the 90 day thing I have no idea. That used to be the mark for insurance but not anymore. Now I think you get a raise there.
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    30 working days from January 5th, you have made seniority.

    January 5th is your hire-date and where you start counting the year towards your benefits.

    90 CALENDER days AFTER January 5th, you will recieve a raise of $1.

    January 5th 2010 you will recieve a $.50 craise, and be eligible for benes/ 1 week vacation
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    What did your shop steward say????

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    What's a shop steward, and can you tell me where I can buy some UPS socks?
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    Hello Moneythehardway,
    I believe that your start date will be Jan 5th. I was also hired as a temporary peak season employee, back in Nov 1984 and was laid off in Jan 1985. By March 1985 UPS called me and asked if I wanted a permanent position with UPS, of course I jumped on it. They,(UPS) use March 1985 as my start date.
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    Wow, you're old!
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    January 5th is your seniority date after you reach your thirty days seniority it reverts back to that 90 days from January 5th you will get a $1.00 raise and then 1 year from January 5th you get another raise and your benefits also keep in mind these are all working days not calendar days.
  10. Thanks guys for all of the help! So may 5th I Should get my raise? I tried asking the HR lady these questions but she seemed a little lost herself thats why I came here, she told me that its going to be a $.50 raise, so has the contract changed recently or will it be $1.00? I know I'll find out in a few weeks but I would like to know before hand so i'll be informed in case I have to bring it up to management
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    Go read my post.

    It is 90 CALENDER days until your $1 raise. That is in the NMA to my knowledge.
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    April 5th you should recieve a $1.00 per hour raise. So starting this week (next paycheck, not this one), you should see it.

    If you don't, find a shop steward or union rep and let them know. The language is in article 22 section 5(b)
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    Yes, I am!! LOL
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    Yep. It's 90 days from start. Not 30 then 90.
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    Did you work through til January 5, 09? October 21st is not in the free period. The free periods are May 1st til Labor Day and the day after Thanksgiving til Christmas. If they hired you outside the free period your seniority date should be the day you were hired unless on ALL your paperwork from your original hiring says "temporary seasonal employee". We have a driver here who just went through all this and got his seniority date changed. This means getting to full rate sooner and so on. We are still trying to get him some back pay. Talk to a steward and your BA.
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    Oct. 1st - Dec. 24th = seasonal.
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    The real answer to this is in the supplement of the area where you work. If you have a union steward talk to him/her or talk to the union business agent at the local union hall. They should have the correct answer for you. While you are talking to them get a copy of the National Master Agreement and your local supplement for further reference. In the Southern Region Supplement, your question is the first thing covered. If you are in this region your seniority date is January 5th, 2009.....your benefits will begin same date, 2010.
  18. Again , thanks for the help!

    So I'll let you guys know if I see my raise next friday & if it's a $1.00 or not. I didn't mention that I am a sorter and I have received the $1.00 for passing the sort test (So I'm at 9.50). With that being said I still should receive a $1.00 right (Taking me to 10.50)?

    You guys have been soo helpful .
  19. what is that 0008 thing at the end of the sentence i wrote above also
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    THIS question may be answered in the persons supplement. Oct 1-DEC 31 is FREE /seasonal period here in NE and other areas too, so this person was re-hired basically Jan 5th. A regional supplement may override this.