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    What's going on everyone? I gotta quick question. I was "layed off" 2 days this week, then another day i worked 1/2 day on "safety." So today i notified my manager that since i had less than 37 Hours i would be working saturday. Now for our center we have to travel to another center to get the air. The other center provides the boards and vehicles. After all pick-ups are completed, there is one driver that takes them to another center an hour away and gets paid from 730 till 1730 even if it doesn't take that long to deliver and bring the packages. Now the meat of my question is, since i am the only full-time person there, even though i am from a different center, can i "bump" the part-timer from the other center that would bring the pick-ups an hour away?
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    you would be guaranteed your 8 hours, but i dont think your FT seniority can bump the air driver off his bid saturday work...
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    Here, a F/T employee has seniority over any P/T employee for saturday work. I am not sure the answer but the master agreement says you have the right to.
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    In most cases this would be correct but the OP said that he drives to another center whenever asked to work Saturday so would he still have seniority even though it is not his center? I think he would get his 8 hr guarantee and that would be it. It would not be fair to the driver who usually gets the extra hours to lose that work to someone not from his center.
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    A P/Ter should not be doing shuttle work. sounds like it, at least from the description. Shuttle = F/T.
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    the quick answer to your question is yes.

    part-time air drivers don't belong to a center like a package car drivers are. therefore part-time air drivers don't have any particular center seniority. they are PART-TIME and belong in the part-time air driving list. If the company would start to lay off part-time air drivers they would start the layoff's by air driver classification seniority, not center seniority.

    also part-time air drivers don't bid on routes like package car driver does. they are assign the work much like they were assign to a center. as long as the work exist and the work is available.

    if theres any problems just ask management, your steward or business agent to show you where in the contract it says that part-time air drivers have and build center seniority, and that would be the end of it.

    Sleeve said it best when he said according to the master agreement (Article 40) you do. just remember you have just as amount of responsibility as an employee and a member in the union to protect your rights, as your steward or business agent does. so don't just solely rely on your steward or agent to protect them for you. because theres no greater representative then yourself.

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    If it is shuttle work, the contract says (in Art. 40) that any shuttle work should not be performed by a PT employee. If UPS is not letting you or a FT employee have the work, ther is a problem.
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    not if sat. would put you in a six report...well nothing in contract to stop it but we down here going threw "lay off" or "displacements" ups isn't allowing us to displace any shifts that would result in a 6th report.....far as art 40 shuttle work...we have pt drivers doing daily shuttles. union has agreed its ok...don't ask why i never get straight answer...

    BUT if you are laid off...check out page 174 article 48 layoff...if two shifts are available at your hub you can displace any two jr. employees on any shift. and if you bump two pt. you are still guarantied 8 hours in a day.. not me mg. will try to fight you on finding or giving you work. just file if not. I did for first 2 weeks only worked 30 hrs and got paid for 40 threw grev. now it s not an issue. good luck
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    it's not really "Oh, by the way, we are laying you off tomorrow" it's "Oh, by the way we have enough drivers, that we don't need you today, so...go home, is that okay?" So i really don't get the chance to displace two people for eight hours because in opelousas we only have two shifts. So they ask me if if want to drive saturdays on weeks that i don't have enough hours.