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    I'm a perminent part time night sort and wash / peak season driver. I'm not air certified or a coverage driver so I guess I did this as a full time driver? I was wondering that if someday when I'm hired as a full time driver if I could fall back to this date for my seniority. The records are all in the diad and my paystubs will show it so is that proof enough or am I dreaming. Thank you
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    It would seem to me that since this is no longer a free period that once you get your 30 days in and qualify as a driver that your full time seniority would go back to 9-10-10. I worked a summer period and the Christmas period and was brought in for a day the following February. I didn't get my 30 in until May but my seniority went back to the day in February.
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    YOUR DREAMING They basically used your as a casual driver for a day. Anyways if that was the case why wouldn't your senority date go back to the first day you drove during peak??

    Read your supplement to the national rider and see what it says. I sure you have a period of time in SEPT that all casual driver need to be laid off else they become FT drivers you might what to find out what these dates are and IF you drove during this period you might have a leg to stand on but don't count on it.
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    Thanks for your reply's
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    You cannot aquire any seniority during the peak season free period., so the way I understand it is that after labor day if I drive I do aquire seniority as the only thing I'm qualified for which is casual "driver". Other wise they sent me out there as a package handeler. Does this seem right? I have to go in tommorow and get air certified + hired as coverage driver and need to know they arent going to rob me of my seniority.
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    Your shop steward and/or BA would be able to answer any questions that you may have as they have knowledge of your local supplement.