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    I am an inside hourly employee and Saturday Air Driver. On Saturdays, after deliveries are done there are 3 drivers who work an 8 hour day to do pick ups. 1 of the 3 clearly has more seniority than me, no question. The other 2 are questionable. 1 works only 1 day a week (Saturday) The other might have more seniority than me. He claims he started 9/2003. I started 10/2004. However he left for a year to go to school on Florida and returned in 6/2007. I asked a full time steward about this and he said it was an interesting situation and referred me to a Business Agent. The BA at my local said he does not initiate quarrels between members as there is more than enough conflict between the union and management. He said I'm next in line and eventually it will be my turn.

    Who is right. I believe I am entitled to an 8 hour day and to make the extra money which would make a significant difference. I don't believe someone who works 1 day a week should have seniority over me. At the same time I kind of see the BAs point of view. Any insight would be appreciated
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    It doesn't matter how many days a week someone works, by the contract he has more seniority. The other guy who left to go to school and came back sounds like he fell through the cracks like a few people do when they return and you are probably SOL. There's been a few cases of people leaving and returning and keeping their seniority. Either way it's been 5 years since he's been back and has technically kept his seniority so it's a non issue. He started Saturday before you and has a right to keep his position.
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    Tell the BA his job is to settle quarrels also.
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    My thoughts exactly. Weather or not if the OP is wrong the BA needs to do his job.
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    You have the right to view the seniority lists to verify this information - yourself - at any time on your own time. Ask your steward where it is located.

    The guy who went to FL for a year may have taken a leave of absense - it's worth looking into. If he transferred hubs, then his seniority should have been end-tailed upon his transfer/return. But if his seniority wasn't broken, then he is more senior than you and you have no recourse.
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    I'm in local 509 a few years back when we were local 28 we had a 1 day sat air driver. I filed and asked if this was a bid position and if so when was it posted. It eventually came out that the individual was getting full med benefits only working one day a week and was not a member. After the investigation by the union the local level hearing was held where the division mgr tried to skate around the fact that he was doing a favor for someone. He said that he "mgt" could do this when the BA said that we would see him at the panel the sat air driver was givena start time on the preload and quit because it intefered with his "real job". So file on this being a part-time, part-time job that wasn't bid, also if you check and have seniority start filing for all the time that he works. This will get the BA and the company talking for sure. It will also ensure that your BA is handling conflicts that arise.