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    does any one know how seniority works on the combo article 22.3 it like the drivers...i know they have there own vacation planner and seperate seniority list....for vacation reasons and bidding do you use your article 22.3 seniority or company seniority....I know in driving you still have your company seniority but you go to the bottom on the driving seniority ...for vacations and ect....Just curious if anyone knows how the combo jobs work I have been told both ways....where can I find out which is correct...thanks:)
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    do you posess a copy of the master agrmt??? if not it can be read and downloaded here..... your on your own from there....
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    In my hub, when new 22.3 jobs become open, it is first offered to the current 22.3 employees to see if they want a change, and done by seniority order of the current 22.3 employees. If none of them take it, or qualify (driving), it is then offered to F/T employees by seniority order.
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    how would the 22.3 seniroity post...would it be per classification..for example...if i was a 22.3 job for 6 years would I have seniority over a person who had seniority for 1 year.....let me know....thanks