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    So i have 16 days in as a new driver. I went in this morning to drive and they had me on layoff. But they sent a guy out on his 6th day to drive with less senority. Should i get paid for the day?
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    Did the other driver have more part-time senority than you.
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    Que paso Senor?
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Did you have knowledge of the area that the lesser seniority driver ran? This may have been why they had him work over you.
  5. over9five

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    A. Are you a seniority driver?

    B. If so, they had no right to send you home REGARDLESS of whether you knew the route or not. Grieve it.
  6. jimstud

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    if he has done 16 days he would not be a driver yet. would he? don't you have to do 30 to become a driver?
  7. I was also told that you have to hit 30 days of work to gain seniority.

    Also, you have to remain on the same route those 30 days. If they switch you to another route, than you are granted instant seniority and full-time status.......or something like that.

    Someone out there clarify or correct me if I'm wrong?!!?
  8. Bubblehead

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    As always, it depends on where you are and what regional and local supplements you fall under.
    Where I am, in the Central Region, the only drivers being hired from May 1st through Labor Day are seasonal employees and have no chance of gaining seniority.
    This forum is a terrible place to get solid advice on contractual issues.
  9. rocket man

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    you showed youre gurenteed 8 hours
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    I agree with what everyone has told you however you haven't made your 30 days yet. I wouldn't start burning bridges untill you make your thirty days and gain senority as a driver.
  11. Matthew

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    If you made BOOK you are guaranteed 8 hours.

    But it sounds like you are trainee so they can send you home as they please,
    I think you can work inside though or whatever you did before driver if they do so.

  12. Matthew

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    its 40 days now I believe. :biting:
  13. grgrcr88

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    As far as I know seniority is seniotity, wether its 1 day or 20 years if you have more than someone else in your classification you have the right to work before them. You should probably grieve it, after talking to your local steward or business agent. You only have 5 days from the date of incident.
  14. browniehound

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    Over is 100% correct. I don't whats going on now, but when I was a low senority cover driver a decade ago, I always demanded that I get 8 hours of work. If a junior guy was pulling a route and I wasn't assigned to one, I was bumping him and going out blind if I had to.

    The first reaction from the management team was "no you can't do that, your blind". When I stated again that I was doing the route because I have more senority than the person doing the route and you don't have me assigned to any othe 8 hour job, they agreed (the steward didn't need to get involved). In this scenario I learned 85% of my routes as a cover driver all without the benefit of EDD/PAS and GPS.

    Now in 2010, its my perception that the center team doesn't wan't ANYONE going out blind even though the blind driver has the luxuary of EDD that tells him basically (with errors) how ro run the route. Before, he would have to map and set up each package. Still, drivers and management are afraid to send the driver out blind.

    I can only come to one conclusion and that's the routes all have too much work now. With PAS/EDD the routes have so much work that it can only be conpleted by a driver who is the model of efficency. He can't waste 5 seconds at every stop and EDD helps him be this efficent. Throw a newbie on the route and he is wasting at least a 1 or 2 minutes every stop just looking at the map and setting up the truck. Multiply that by 180 stops and we are talking 3 hours paid over.

    Today, I did my route in which 135 stops was "an 8 hour day" in 2000. Today, I did 183 stops which is less than 9 hours "on paper". How can it change by almost 50 stops just like that???

    I KNOW I am more efficent. MUCH more efficent, but 50 stop difference? Most days I can do 160 in 8, but I can never do 180 and thats what the numbers suggest I do. Anyway, it is what it is...

    Over is right, senority rules. Push the issue if a junior guy is working. Bump him and go out blind. The weather is nice and its day-light until almost 9pm. Just be calm if the sup. doesn't meet you on-road later to show you some of the route.

    Think of it this way: you get paid by the hour. Its your contractual right to do the route and service failures are on management due to their unwillingness to show you where to go. The day will end no matter what and its only packages.

    This is how you have to think about it. I don't understand how these drivers so desperate for hours won't take a route out blind? You have it set-up stop for stop for heavens sake! What are you worried about?

    I wise man once told me that the idea is to get on the clock and stay on the clock. Here is your perfect opportunity to do so as a cover driver!
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    ThaNKS GUYS! After talking to some of my sups another sup came in and said let him drive and then looked and me and said i hope u ********* die out there! I then went to file a grievance for the seniority issue. But have decided to wait till tom to fill out another one and contact hr on the supervisor issue?
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    all because i want to work!!!
  17. chamberlain1986

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    no i have about 5 months more
  18. chamberlain1986

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    ya that would be nice! i have already drove other routes besides my training route
  19. chamberlain1986

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    No i have more part time seniority!
  20. UnsurePost

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    In our region, I was told by union that 30 working days or not, as long as you are not a new-hire you can grieve any seniority issues. However, UPS will probably fire back, disqualify you for grieving, then you will have to grieve again for the unnecdessary DQ.

    I went through this exact same scenerio last year as a new driver so I know how the OP feels. Best thing to do is keep quiet and work as directed and make your 30, however the right thing to do is file a grievance for the time lost.