September - Ovarian Cancer Month

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    Subject: Fw: Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, PASS this on to all your friends.

    September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

    Ovarian Cancer Facts

    *All women are at risk.
    *Ovarian Cancer is the deadliest of all gynecological cancers.
    *Pap smears detect cervical cancer, NOT ovarian.
    *Symptoms may be subtle, but when detected early and treated properly,
    more than 90% of women survive longer than 5 years.

    Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

    *Bloating *Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly
    *Need to urinate often or urgently *Pelvic or Abdominal Pain

    Other symptoms commonly reported:

    *Fatigue *Indigestion *Back Pain *Constipation
    *Menstrual irregularities *Pain with intercourse

    Take Action

    See your doctor, preferably a gynecologist.
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    Listen Klein, you can butt out of this one. This is serious :censored2: !! After 16 sessions of chemo , I DARE you to say just ONE MORE THING !!!!:biting:

    This is for awareness and to notify people who have women that they love and for women who are looking out for themselves.
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    More, if he had any common sense what so ever he wouldn't have said what he did. Kind of like his comment in chat about throwing the cat against the wall. Some people just DON'T get it. :biting:
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    Word of warning , Sir Klein
    be careful of this thread
    for fools doth rush in
    where angels dare not tread
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    I'm sure More will say the same thing but I will say it as well. Thank you dear.:happy-very:
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    As a husband and father of 3 daughters, thanks for posting!

    I can be encouraging too!
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    My avatar for the next few days is dedicated just to you and the other survivors among us!

    Chin Up!

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    This information is important to know for every woman and anyone else with a mother, wife or daughter.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention moreluck.
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    This is a beautiful expression.

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    Great idea and inspiration for a thread More!

    I have a wife, Mother, daughter, sister, Mother in law, sister in law, and many neices that will appreciate this reminder...

    Nice thoughtful jester on your part wkmac!

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    Thanks !!
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    This may not have been the appropriate place for you to voice your opinion.
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    I agree with you tony, wkmac is a nice thoughtful jester.
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