Settlement in Redwood man's lawsuit against UPS

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    Settlement in Redwood man's lawsuit against UPS - Newswatch 50

    The Redwood man who alleged he was fired by UPS for reporting unsafe trucks has reached a settlement with the company, according to papers filed in the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office.
  2. HazMatMan

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    I hope he settled for enough to retire comfortably on..After all, UPS can more than afford it.
  3. trickpony1

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    The public needs to know about stories such as this.
    At some point the public, as well as other company employees, will know the truth instead of the glossy, sugar-coated image the company would like the public to believe.
    I hope he retires very comfortably and sets up a trust fund for the defense of other employees who have been screwed (OOPS! is this a naughty word?)by the company.
    Maybe there is a God.
  4. Jumperwire

    Jumperwire Parceling the Fla coast

    Good!!!! It's about friggin time!!!!
  5. local804

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    Good thing some people have a pair
  6. chris3233

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    why does everyone think that UPS is so bad? I think it's a fantastic company with tons of lifetime benefits! I feel that if someone doesn't like the company it's because they cannot work up to their standards and are lazy.
  7. trickpony1

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    .....out of the mouths of babes.......

    I'm just guessing but are you fairly new to the company? Post back in 25 years, we would be interested in knowing whether your opinions and experiences have changed.

    PS- I've been "working up to their standards" for 29+ years now so your story may not hold water.
  8. Jumperwire

    Jumperwire Parceling the Fla coast

    Second that trick...19 years on march 23 I guess I'm still learning their standards!!!! Sounds like chris3233 needs to put there letter in and then will see how great it is!!!
  9. 1989

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    Had a center mgr. get fired. He got about a $450,000 settlement
  10. paidslave

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    This is about time.......I hope the investigation is Nationwide........I bet lots will be found......

    I hope this manager got the least, maybe some jailtime!

    Some one could have gotten into an accident and killed someone............

    Maybe the safety commitee could help so this doesn't happen again..
  11. rod

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    2 million- that should set him up for awhile. Maybe not- the lawyers get a third or half of it. What about taxes? A million don't go far now days if your raising a family- especially if you have invested in realestate or the market latley. Probably should of went for 5 or 10 mil.:peaceful:
  12. HazMatMan

    HazMatMan New Member

    Lifetime benefits???? Just curious, how long you been working there???
  13. HazMatMan

    HazMatMan New Member

    If he actually sees 2 mil AFTER the lawyers get a cut, AND doesn't go crazy, 2 mil should be enough. But you can't go buying a half a million dollar house. Or open some stupid business that will suck your bank account dry.
  14. feeder53

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    I have not been given an unsafe vehicle to drive as of yet, but would not hesitate to refuse to drive a vehicle is unsafe. My life and the life of anyone else that would take the vehicle is worth more than the job. If you can prove it was unsafe they could not fire one anyway.
  15. HazMatMan

    HazMatMan New Member

    Quarter of a mil? Not enough to retire on, but could pay off bills, and live debt free...
  16. jchisolm2

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    Same thing with me after 3 years