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    Hi everyone. I was hoping someone might be able to describe the average day for a shop porter in their area. What sort of work they encounter, whether or not they seem pleased with their jobs, what they typically wear etc. I appreciate any and all responses.
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    Hi and welcome! Our porters wear the regular dark blue work uniforms. They do all sorts of things from cleaning bathrooms, washing office windows, sweeping, picking up trash and so forth.

    They go outside and pick stuff up from the parking lots. They go out back and stack skids or clean up around the dumpsters.

    We have a machine that sweeps large area of concrete floor. They run that thing around.

    In the winter, when the pkg cars come back they have big chunks of ice and snow sticking to the back tire area. Those warm up and fall off. Our porter must get rid of them by shoving them to a center floor drain. He also has to shovel up the large amount of wet, heavy mud that comes along with it. Nasty.

    When we are short-handed the porters handle pkgs same as the rest of us.

    Some days those porters seem to have gravy jobs. Other days they don't. I think I'd bid on a porter job in a heartbeat though. They move around the building and seem to have a bit of freedom.
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    Starts work (wink) at 0500; leaves at 1400. One hour lunch break and absolutely no overtime ever.

    Sweeps, mops office areas, cleans bathrooms, empties trashcans, picks up trash in parking lots, and restocks supply cabinets. Absolutely no supervision of any kind. In the past they have worn a typical industrial uniform. Our current porter wears his browns from his driving days and they occasionally ask him to shuttle a LIB or high priority misload.

    Pleased with job? Thirty dollars per hour to walk around holding a broom. Oh yes. Finished at 1400 every day. Oh yes. No stress, no pressure, no time commits. Oh yes.

    When you can no longer hold up to the physical demands of driving, you could slide into this job and do it for another 10 years. Here, it's a transistion into retirement.
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    Where do I sign up? Our building cleaning is farmed out.
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    Ours is as well. What pisses me off is we have some drivers who are too lazy to walk 10' to dump their trash so they simply throw it on the floor knowing that the porters (two) will take care of it. What also pisses me off is the only recycling we do is cardboard and pallets. There is a ton of recyclable paper and plastic that simply gets thrown away. I'm not a tree hugger but I am a recycling nut.
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    Hi, After 30 years of driving I made the move to porters. I had 8 injuries in 17 years, including 2 knee surgeries, and the position came open. 3 drivers ahead of me turned it down and management was very happy that I got the position. Our building in Wisconsin years ago had 12 full time porters and 6 part time. Now it is down to 6 full time and 1 part time. Things obviously are not cleaned as well. The transition took some getting use too. After going for a maniac for 30 years, I had to learn how to slow down. Here the focus is on safety, not productions. We wear a light brown shirt with our name stitched in, and dark brown pants. On a typical day I will clean two office units, including bathrooms. I also clean up the grounds outside. I also have to clean under a primary sort, where I sit on a little scooter and maneuver around supports, wires, belts, shoots, and clean all the trash that has fallen through during the sort. I get very use to watching out for plenty of obstructions overhead that would cause nasty cuts or bumps. The first day when I was trained I cleaned under the belts and later I was coughing up all this black crap. My boss then said, oh yes, we have face masks you can wear. We are also responsible for a number of drive motors to clean quarterly. My worse one are called the stack and I have to lock out 4 drives and 4 belts and climb 3 stories to the ceiling on different belts to clean them and work my way down. Another porter in the building will drive the scrubber, which looks like a Zamboni, and clean all the grease off the floor. Another porter has fork lift duty and takes out trash, metal, and unloads supply trucks that come in during the day. Some of the work is tougher than the I thought the job would entail, but I still find it about 10 times easier than driving. My body is actually is feeling almost back to normal with little knee pain and no cramps at 3 in the morning. There is no overtime unless you sign up for it, and then they may call you at 3 or 4 in the morning to sort or work preload for a couple hours. They don't call very often, they would rather use sups. I work 8 to 4:30 and 3 porters start at 6:30. The only concern I have if it these jobs will still be here next contract. Two years ago when the economy was horrible, they said they wouldn't replace these position as people retired. The union forced the issue and now they are. One of the porters asked at a union meeting about the porters and the union official said he didn't care about such a small department. I asked one of the agents what would my options be if they eliminated my position next contract, and he told me I could go back into driving, but I would be at the bottom of the list and I would never gain any driving seniority. I would still get all my vacations but I would always be unassigned and they could put me on the crappiest routes daily. So I think I have 2 years left of gravy and then time to make other plans.

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    I hate that!!! The paper they waste could start a forest! Recycling is the only way to help ensure the earth will be around. Otherwise.........
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    I hope you told him you didn't care much about his position either, and would be voting against him in future elections.
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    In CHEMA, we have bins for recycling paper and plastic. Some management guy started it several years ago, nice job!
    Try to get a management person to get the ball rolling in your building.
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    Holy! That is amazing! Why they haven't figured out that they are saving in the trash bill, I will never know!

    What is CHEMA?
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    Acronym for Chelmsford, Massachusetts.
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    Pronounced Chemsfid.

    Even by people who drive a Ford. (Pronounced Ford.)
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    And CHEMA is pronounced Chemah.
  14. cachsux

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    At CACH it`s pronounced " we got to get those pain in the ass CHEMA loads next door before the cutoff" :)
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    We finally got paper recycling receptacles a few months ago after years of bitching about to reams of paper that simply just got tossed in the trash. we have 2 FT porters in our center. They work as assigned on the preload until drivers leave and then do their porter duties which includes catching up on all the juicy gossip.
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    Here we pronounce Cach, CCHIL.
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    Watertown is pronounced "Black River".
  18. Covemastah

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    In Boston we have a Watertown building,it serves Boston,and a few surrounding suberbs !! We call it WATMA !! Also known as "Berlin "" LOL
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    Our Watertown building actually started in Black River, NY. Then, I am assuming for logistical proximity to I-81, it was moved to Watertown. But, it is still listed as Back River. Go figure!
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    "Logistical proximity"? Someone watched Sesame Street this morning.:wink2: