Should I file a grievance?

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    Drivers working off the clock just really sets me off. I'm pretty much the only part-time union steward that actually gives a crap about part-time employees. They're truly an underclass at UPS. In the past all the union stewards for the part-timers have been full-time employees, which makes no sense. They either no longer or never did understand the issues that part-time workers at UPS have. Tons of part-time workers greatly appreciate that they have a union steward on their side that is actually a part-time worker themselves.

    One of my hard pushes at my hub is to stop supervisors working. They take work from the part-timers and prop up these unrealistic production demands on the part-timers. Drivers working off the clock do the same thing. That's why I hate it so much. It's also why I'll win every single supervisors working grievance that I file, since the preload management never utilizes them to work them on the clock when they're always available to work for free.

    I'd definitely be something new for the management at your hub. I strongly doubt they've dealt with a union steward who couldn't be bought. But my place is right at my hub, because they need me too. It's a shame we can't clone me. I want to be up in a splinter center that was created with the great amount of growing volume in my area, but I can't. It sucks because a bunch of people I have worked with for a while went up there and now don't have a proper preload steward to take care of them.
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    Don’t leave piss bottles in your truck and don’t cry to the union ever time a sup asks you a basic question.
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    Applejuice would be better. Just put some malt vinegar and salt or something in to mask the scent LOL
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    All he did was ask you a simple question. How is that harassment? Calm down Beavis.