Should I quit or stay?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Ramned, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Ramned

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    I like working at UPS. It is a challenge and I like pushing myself - I look at it as a competition to strive to go as fast as possible.

    But now I've started college at THE ohio state university. Working 5 days a week on top of being an engineering major and involved in raquetball and other stuff is taking its toll. 3 days a week THIS QUARTER ONLY my schedule is causing my to arrive an hour or more LATE.

    I told my FT Supervisor, perhaps I should take leave. But amazingly, he told me not to, after arriving late by 80 minutes that day. Instead, he is giving me 1 day off every week, which is amazing, I've never heard of such a thing. And he is setting my stagger 1 hr later on the days of conflict! I am suprised he is going to such lengths to help me out and I appreciate it.

    Yesterday, I was supposed to work. Today, I arrived 20 minutes late. My Part-time supervisor is of coursed getting :censored2: at this. But my FT supervisor hasn't reprimanded me AT ALL. My PT supe asked if I was going to quit, I told him I'm leaning that way, but I can't seem to do it. Especially since in December I get tuition reimbursement.

    I'm paying 8,000$ / year to enjoy living on campus. So by working at UPS I feel I am actually LOSING money. But I like my job and can't see myself doing anything else!

    I can't decide if I should stay or put in my 2 weeks and return winter quarter or even next summer...

    I feel I must be a good worker because my FT supe doesn't want me to take leave, or so I assume from his exaggerated willingness to help me out. But I can't let it interfere with my grades, and it definitly is cutting into my time to enjoy college life...
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    Your education should come first, imho.
    Learn and enjoy college life. True work life comes very quickly after college and will be there for the rest of your life.
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    Run Forrest! Run!!
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    hey man, im doing the samething. college and going after the same degree, but i never thought about quitting. thats actually the stupidest move you could do if you think about it. if you quit UPS, whats your backup? because college is definitely not a guarantee for employment afterwards. and i dont mean to be a driver either. UPS has a tech department where your branch of engineering could probably be useful(i know mine is).

    i got confused where you said you usually arrive late as hell. i am usually on time with enough sleep for work and i've been attending my school for over a year now, a solid 3.6 GPA, too. no complaints either. i dunno, maybe its more about who the individual is and what the priorities are.

    so if you're gonna quit, make sure you've thought it through well. not alot of companies can provide what UPS can
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  7. Billy

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    I would stay if I could, but definitely put my education first. UPS will hire you again in the future if you leave for school and on good terms. There is the option of taking leave too. This has to be approved of coarse, but it may help your decision. You can take up to 90 days off and retain your seniority. Return if you can't live with out UPS. Move on with your life if you find life better. Good luck
  8. silenze

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    why quit when they are willing to change your start time to fit your schedule?
  9. Covemastah

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    This is not the old UPS !!! years ago you would of been shown the door after a second late arrival.. This is not the place for you.. You want to reap the benifets of a good job with a good school re/embershment program & thats fine..But for thousands of other kids who do so,Show Up On Tme!! Its time to grow up,put aside your raquet ball games & put aside some of your social life.Your goal in life now should be to pay off some of your loans with this job or have some pocket money from the job.It's time to grow up and have some priorities in life. I hope your parents brought up up with some sort of work ethic. If they did you surley are not displaying it to us.If the job is not suited for your needs perhaps you shouldn't be so selfish & leave it to another who can use the job & may need the benefits.God knows in this economy this job may mean the world to some one !!
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    Way back in 1972 when I started I too wanted to do it all. School was #1, student activities #2 & UPS on the nite hub was #3. I think we started at 10:30 or 11:00 pm.

    My problem was away basketball games, some were overnight trips or not getting back in time for work. Back then there were no part time benefits so if you needed to scratch it was not that big of a deal. The on call list was fairly deep, the manager only required you call in no less than 1 hour before start time if you had not been scheduled off earlier. I gave him the basketball schedule so I was marked off when I had away games. He worked with other student athletes too.

    That's my story and that was back when UPS was a kinder gentler place to work.
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    Wow, you started in 1972, two years before joining the BC.
  12. klein

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    I would say stick around for xmas. You haven't really experinced UPS until you went thru an xmas season ! :)
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    Ramned - Your ft supervisor recognizes that you are a mature employee and is respecting your education. That's great! Our center has also been known to make adjustments for good workers.

    No one can tell you which way to go but here are my two cents. If you have enough money to pay for and enjoy your college life, get the hell out of UPS. You are young and have a lifetime of work ahead of you.

    College years are sacred and once you've graduated, there is no going back. Make friends, create networks, and enjoy your youth in a positive environment. UPS will always be there if you decide for any reason to go back.

    There was a suggestion to take 90 day leave which might work out well. If your ft sup lets you go, it would be time to see what difference it would make for you.

    You are young and have many options. Don't get too comfy in a rut right now, especially UPS. Many of us are mired up to our armpits and will never be able to escape.
    Truth be told, many would give eye teeth to have youth and time on our sides again.
  14. things2auction

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    If you can afford to live without UPS I would quit.

    You have your whole life ahead of you to work yourself to the bone. Most people have very good memories and experiences in college, you don't want to give that up and only remember working your ass off.

    Im battling the same decision right now. I go back to school full time in a few months, and am currently working 50+ hours a week at my regular job, plus ~25 at ups. I dont think I will be able to juggle all three at the same time. lol
  15. cachsux

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    Quit Ohio State,work at UPS,then go to Michigan State.
  16. Driver2Porter

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    Not to push UPS, but when I started in 1988, I was FT student/PT loader. Did the whole college commute and got little sleep. Quit college(Arch Engineering), went FT and have been fairly happy ever since. The one thing though is that education and memories cab never be taken away...A job at UPS can, especially these days with IE running the show. GL with your decision.:smart:
  17. Monkey Butt

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    Your first priority should be yourself which probably means getting a college degree is an absolute priority.
    There is not much of a future at UPS unless the Board decides to turn things around 180 degrees. Time might do that and at your age the timing may be right. However, having a marketable degree is an Ace in the hold.
  18. happybob

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    Your full time sup may want you to stick around for a few reasons. Someone that works as hard as you have said you do, hell, he wishes he had more like you. An engineering degree, doesnt UPS have a need for people with that kind of degree?

    You may have a bright future ahead of you st UPS, and there is only one way to find out, STAY.

    Maybe some day you can help the I.E. department find a way to get more, for less, like IEMAN keeps telling us.
  19. Joopster

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    I think you should schedule your classes better and suck it up. I have worked at UPS for 8 years. I took me 8 years to get my degree from OSU because I was busy with the military also. So I had 2 jobs and still managed to get it done.

    And I didn't have an easy major, I was an aviation major spending 15 hours a week at the flight school. Combine that with the 15 hours of classes or more I had and 20 hours of UPS and another 16 hours one weekend a month I was quite busy.

    Best thing I ever did. BTW, if the engineering doesn't work out you can stick around at UPS. That job may not be there in 2 quarters.
  20. Mike23

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    Maybe you should've just posted this and let us make our own decision?

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