Should I work for UPS or USPS

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by archer2390, May 8, 2006.

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    I currently work for UPS as a preloader and have gone through the process to be a rural route carrier for USPS. Having gone through my last interview the HR lady informed me that I would have to quit UPS (which I wasn't planning on doing) because I would be working for the competition, My hope was that I could continue doing both because both are partime, but if I am forced to chose I am leaning towards USPS because the pay is a little better and after gas money from driving to the center I will come out slightly ahead from only one day of work as a rural carrier.
    Is it legal for the Post Office to force me to quit working at UPS ?

    If I continued to work for UPS could the Post Office find out and use it against me ?

    Does UPS have a similar policy for parttimers about working for the competition ?

    Any help on these issues would be much apprecitated
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    I have a friend who works for the Federal Government, and a friend who works for the USPS. You do have to notify the USPS of any other jobs you hold, and they can ask you to select, and if you do take another job somewhere else, I believe (almost positive) you have to get permission first. Having a job working for the government, in a secure position such as carrier, it would be a shame to take that chance. The government offers great to what UPS offers, I am not sure, but I have heard they are great benefits! Make comparisons, see what is best for you...where do you plan on going with your carreer, both offer great doors that are open to you!
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    Most rural carriers are actually private contractors that carry mail. Just like the over the road guys are all private contractors

    Yes they can make you quit, the post office plays by their own set of rules. Problem is they should have been on a need to know basis.

    If you can get on as a regular mail carrier, then that would be a large consideration over staying on at UPS. I dont see the mail carriers taking a cut in pay, but who knows.

    Bottom line, you have to make the choice. Look at short term differences, and long term also.

    Which ever way you go, good luck!

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    The possibility of being gunned down at work goes up a great deal while working for the USPS. However, you might make it into fulltime work faster there; if they don't have to lower employment due to online services.
  5. "going Postal"

    Mundane Work..turns Normal People Into Raging Homicidal Maniacs.........
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    And we have drivers that want to leave packages in the mail box so they can piss the carrier off!

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    Stay with UPS. I had been around UPS since I was born. My father had put 35 years in. I had worked for the post office as a rural carrier. I left after I got a real job. The USPS does not provide you with any health benefits until you get a regular route. They do not pay you for all of those federal holidays until you get a regular route. The union cannot do squat for you until you are a regular. You have to be on call at any given moment. The Post Office really sucks. They will put you on routes at different stations and you have no idea were to start and end since they never have route maps. Management doesn't have a clue about the route and since the regular isn't there nobody else in the station knows about the route. The post office is a major cluster.
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    Who are you kidding. I've been told that there are just as many shootings at UPS as the USPS. I think UPS has fewer killed per incident, though.

    UPS is marvelous at stanching any press on their issues -- be it package car fatalities, jet incidents, thefts, and employee fights/homicides.

    USPS seems like just as good a place to work as UPS -- or so it seems. One day UPS will be forced to deal with the union. One day the USPS will be forced to have its sister department (Treasury) just print more money.
  9. traveler

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    "I've been told..." Well let's all just believe that nameless person who "told" you.

    "Stanching" ? What the h... is stanching?

    UPS deals with the union on a daily basis. USPS is semi private and the Treasury has nothing to do with the USPS nor how it runs.
  10. moreluck

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    I have always heard (sorry traveler) that you have to screw up pretty bad to get fired from USPS. I guess you should list that in the "pro" column.

    I'm assuming, of course, that you already have 2 sheets of paper with a line drawn down the middle with 'pro' on one side and 'con' on the other. One sheet headed UPS and the other headed USPS. When you put it all in black and white, it's amazing how easy your decision will be. Try it.:)

  11. You're brilliant, I apologize for even posting.

    "I've been told..." check the web, you'll see that UPS has incidents all over the country that are only publicized in that locality or region. UPS is awesome at limiting coverage beyond the scope of a city or metropolitan area -- you cannot stop local newspaper and television coverage -- UPS would if it could.

    You seem like a smart guy who knows that UPS seldom has problems -- we are all very happy, as you know.

    "Stanch" -- check the dictionary, it is in there. My use of the word was excellent, most excellent.

    "Union" -- Seems like you have all the facts on this, too. As far as USPS, you may be right, it might be half private. If so, I didn't know. But,... it is half-government. You seem to miss the point of my sarcastic humor suggesting that anything government (or half-government) can be pulled from the clutches of red-ink at the stroke of congress/president's black ink.

    UPS has to make money, it can never print it (or, to be specific to those unwilling (or, perhaps, unable) to appreciate sardonic license, UPS does not have the ability to legislate its own bailout -- at least, not without exceptional lobbyist).

    UPS does have a major union problem, don't kid yourself. UPS is the major contributor to all teamster retires in the U.S. UPS supports employees from over 300 companies that have long since ceased operation. UPS could afford to pay drivers nearly 1/3 to 2/3 more if they were only responsible for UPS Teamster (working and retired). This is not, as you suggested above, a cloaked individual passing UPS information in the dark of the night. This is an absolute fact. Asking a driver, OMS, or even a supervisor won't confirm this. You have to ask a center manager or higher to confirm this. The reason, I think this is confidential information. Well, I'll say I think it isn't -- to protect myself. If it is confidential, my BAD!

    So many drivers think that UPS wants to take over the Health & Welfare and Pension funds to raid them of our driver's future. It ain't so. I will say that many UPS management people are a bunch of ***** who'll steal a dollar from your pocket if you blink. But, this isn't the case with the Teamsters. What bothers UPS (The Fiscal Entity) is that for each dollar given to the Teamster for a UPS person, a certain amount is also collect for "Joe Snuffy" who retired from "O&A Transportation", which by the way, went out of business in 1981. Since the Teamsters are still responsible for the Pension and Health & Welfare of this fictional employee for his/her lifetime, they have to get the money somewhere. This is kinda like Social Security. They spent this guys money on a guy a generation older. A UPS driver is now paying his retirement. Who the hell is gonna pay yours? I hope UPS remains a healthy company so that we all get our pension and retirements.

    Like I said, this is all factual. If you haven't heard this before, you will eventually. UPS is trying to figure out how to sell this to UPS Teamster employees so that they understand it clearly without responding with the usual Knee-Jerk rejection and skepticism that we are all guilty of.

    UPS is probably the better bet than the USPS, but who really knows.
  12. toonertoo

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    Checked my dictionary, stanch is the adjective use of staunch, steadfast loyal, strong, etc. Great choice.
  13. K-Fed

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    Checked my dictionary too, it also has this...

    Verb: Stanch

    2. As of the flow of a liquid flowing, such as blood from a wound.
    See also; Stem, Halt, Staunch

  14. Me too! Here is what I got with this online dictionary;


    STANCH, v.t. In a general sense, to stop; to set or fix; but applied only to the blood; to stop the flowing of blood. Cold applications to the neck will often stanch the bleeding of the nose.

    STANCH, v.i. To stop, as blood; to cease to flow.

    Immediately the issue of her blood stanched. Luke 8.

    STANCH, a. This is the same word as the foregoing, the primary sense of which is to set; hence the sense of firmness.

    1. Sound; firm; strong and tight; as a stanch ship.

    2. Firm in principle; steady; constant and zealous; hearty; as a stanch churchman; a stanch republican; a stanch friend or adherent.

    In politics I hear youre stanch.

    3. Strong; not to be broken.

    4. Firm; close.

    This is to be kept stanch.

    A stanch hound, is one that follows the scent closely without error or remissness.
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    Staunch, not Stanch wrote:

    "I will say that many UPS management people are a bunch of ***** who'll steal a dollar from your pocket if you blink. But, this isn't the case with the Teamsters."

    Oh my heavens, if you believe that, then I really feel sorry for you. The union has brainwashed you sweetheart. You need to seriously look at the pension plan the Teamsters have for you and hold it up against someone else's 401K. And yes, office hourly, techs, and management with UPS are allowed, no encouraged to have 401K's. Wake up and smell the coffee! I hope for your sake that you do have a pension when you retire. The Teamsters Central States I'm afraid will not be there for a lot of folks.
  16. The Hole

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    Your kidding, honey -- right? UPS management are mostly Teamster washouts. The Teamsters are divine. You sound like you make good coffee.
  17. ja4079

    ja4079 ja4079

    seems like UPS has to deal with the union every day as it is, don't understand your statement
  18. rd0127

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    I don't drink coffee and I truly hope the Teamsters do right by you. I would never want that bunch of thieves in charge of my retirement. At least UPS corporate has to answer to the shareholders and government when it comes to it's finances. The teamsters are lead by corrupt people, their upper levels are and always have been run by a bunch of thugs. You have been brainwashed!

    And as for UPS management. You need to take another look BABY, not too many of them anymore that were Teamsters. Most are hired in or just out of college nowadays. So what is it now, you hate them because they never drove a package car? Management just doesn't stand a chance with you it seems. Why does it have to always be us against them? Why can't everyone just want to have a great job with a great company and end up with a great retirement benefit to see you through until the end?

  19. I notice that you always need to through in a passive-aggressive condescending term like "sweetheart or Baby" when you respond. You remind me of my supervisor. Hold on, I know this unprofessional style of management anywhere... I plan to be on time tomorrow, see you then.

    As far as Teamster not being in upper management any longer,... interesting. If we are all being honest, management has never been more unhappy in the company's history. More stats, more hours, less MIP (over 5 year, instead of one), etc. Wow, maybe those ol' teamster days weren't that bad.

    So, what do you have to say now, boo.
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    Preloader. . .did you make up your mind yet?