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    Yesterday morning at work the preload had a bad day and did not wrap on time. I asked for air help from my ft on car sup, he said I could deliver it no problem. I went to my manager and explained that it is 925am and I have 13 air stops and 2 ssi accounts that must be delivered by 1030 and I still have a 20 minute drive to the route.

    He said that I was right and he would make sure my sup would get me help. Well guess what, it was too hard for my sup to find help, it meant that he would accutally require him working for his paycheck. I had 9 late air packages.

    I had a total of 47 stops for 571 pieces, all boxex not many letters involved. I delivered airs until 11am and had to start delivering the grounds. I was way behind and could not finish my deliveries and take a lunch, so I decided I would work through alot of my lunch to make service to the customers this 1 time.

    The sup shows up close to 2pm and I still have 8 stops for 30 pieces including 6 nda savers. He has a raised tone in his voice and told me I F****** him on purpose. He told me I was done at my 1st stop at 945, I tried explaining that i started scanning 87 packages which 35 of them were international express asd's and I had to enter the 6 digit shipper number for each one. He wanted nothing to do with having a discussion, it was his way and that it.

    He procedded to tell me he was going to F*** me and take away my gravy work and screw me every chance he gets. I told him that after I was finished with this delivery that I was taking my full hour lunch and 10 minute break and he would have to cover my deliveries or pickups, because i start pick ups at 215ish. He walked away from me laughing.

    I took my lunch and notified my manager what just happened, he pleaded with me to finish my deliveries and than take my lunch, which I did for my manager In driving with this driver the sup told him I was a J** off for taking my lunch and I would get what I had coming.

    This morning the sup asked my preloader to go to the other end of the dock, and he approached me with his voice raised and called me a F****** liar and threw his shoulder into me. Others in the area heard him and had turned around just in time to see him assault me.

    I repeated 3 times to get away from me and each time I raised my voice for others to hear me incase i had to defend my self. After the third request i walked away from the situtation so I would not be put in a violent position.

    The sup continued to laugh at me and told me to drive the truck. I explained to my manager that i was assaulted and to stressed out to operate the truck safely. I asked for the police to be called and the dm to come to the center.

    I was then taken to the clinic for a fitness for duty test. And UPS's doctor agreed that I was not safe to drive today because my pulse and blood pressure were high.

    I was driven back to UPS and dropped off at my truck and told to go home and come back after my vacation which starts tomorrow.

    My manager said he would address this situtation, should I take his word or should I go to the police department and file assault charges on this sup. If the shoe was on the other foot, we all know I would have been walked out in handcuffs!

    Sorry its long I wanted to get all the details in the first time. This sup should be fired!
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    I think I would have to go with my gut, and why should you spend a week worrying if the center manager is handling it or if they are going to screw you. Its your well deserved vacation. Dont let them ruin it. I would also go in tomorrow with your BA and get it settled.
    Workplace violence? Ive never known you to lie. You seem like a stand up guy to me. And document, document document.
    This saddens me, not only are they pushing hourly to the brink, the sups are pushed too. But retaliation isnt the answer. You did what you could, you helped your center manager when he respectfully asked, you got told you screwed someone personally when you did your best.
    You are the one many of us go to when we have needed help, and you've always been there. You know what to do, you just need to look at it as if it happened to someone else. What would you tell them to do? Then do it.
    And keep me posted.
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    Your supervisor should be fired!.........Management has absolutely NO right to EVER put their hands on an hourly....if you have witnesses, get them to write a statement and do some talking to guys in your building.....if this guy did this to you I would be willing to bet he has done it to somebody else as well..... I hope you get a quick resolution.... try not to let it bother you... I am sure it will however but anyway........... enjoy your vacation....
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    I would make sure the other drivers who saw the incident are willing to testify, (otherwise if you file a complaint it could come down to he said, you said). If they are willing to testify, file the complaint. Worse comes to worse you could drop the charges later, saying you did it for the "good of the company". You will have a record in case of future harrassment. Also there are cameras all over most buildings, there may even be a record of this on videotape, of course that could also disappear.
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    Red this is also called hostile environment, two hourlies were fired because of a situation where a sup felt threatened, and she wasn't even involved. Your situation is worse and the sup should be canned.
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    This is a workplace.

    ZERO tolerance.
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    You must call the 1-800 number directly to corporate. These get Corp. attention Region attention, and district attention. Then file with every avenue you have, local police, local union, and as much as I don't like, the ALCU. Screw this kind of treatment.
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    FILE FILE FILE. A sup (much less any other employee) doesn't have the right to assault ANYONE for ANY REASON no matter how bad a tantrum the want to throw.
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    If I were you I would at least contact the police and see if even can file charges, if you can DO IT.

    *** is this? Sparta?

    I really begin to doubt the ability of HR to hire competent Sups.
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    EDIT: file for and with everything and anything. Let this be a precedent
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    This is an unfair statement.:dissapointed:


    Call 800 number then police
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    lol. maybe.

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    Get a restraining order.
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    File a grievance, call the cops, call the 800 number and file a complaint with them. If an hourly did this to a sup, he or she would be fired on the spot. This cannot be allowed.
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    screw the 800 number call the cops.
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    Minus the white lies, it's a good story, and I'd stick to it. You probably looked at him the wrong way. Thirty years ago, it was not uncommon to "mix it up" with a sup. But back then, problems were solved inside the building, fences mended, and everyone was happy again. Those days are gone. It's no coincidence words were exchanged just prior to your vacation. Time heals all wounds. Go fishing, the stripers are in.
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    You should put down the bottle! I have no problem exchanging words with anyone sups, managers, and higher ups! I do have a huge problem with violence and being shoved in the work place, and everything I wrote is the 100% truth. I gave a full descrption of what happened.

    Even if someone does look at someone the wrong way it does not give anyone the right to touch another! I spoke with my manager this evening and he has until tomorrow morning to resolve this, or I will call corporate and press charges and serve him with a restraining order. No one should have to work under these conditions!
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    File, and good job holding back, if it were me I would have went to jail after nearly beating him to death.