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  1. chris1224

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    I went to the doctors today and found out I’m pretty sick and it is contagious, he recommended I say out for today and tomorrow and got an X-ray of my chest, could I get fired or disciplined for this even though I have proper documentation and copy’s of my X-ray referral I’m in the union and made seniority I’ve been here for about 4 months now
  2. PT Crazy

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    Did you call in and say you are not coming to work? Do you have an attendance problem?
  3. chris1224

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    Yes I did and no I’ve had perfect attendance until now
  4. Box Ox

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    You just got a chest X-Ray. Invite your supervisor to make your :censored2:ing day if they ever want to make an issue of your 2 days out sick.
  5. UnconTROLLed

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    *this is so-and-so, I will not be working.* click.
    They don't need any more info. If they ask, have a doctors note excusing you for the days.
    Not very hard
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    Had a driver told by doctor take the week off because he was very very sick . Driver was scared for his job and went to work anyway . He died. But on the bright side technically he wasn't fired.
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    Chest x-ray?? Do you have TB?! If you do, for the love of god, stay your ass home.
  8. Yeet

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    God fired him.
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  9. Package Stick

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    This has probably happened lol..
  10. Big Package

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    No, just inform them that you're "not well enough to work [safely] today" and be sure it's 60+ minutes before the start of your shift. Throw the word "safely" in there if they are being difficult.

    Each late and absence adds up, but if you're sick for tues-friday, it only counts as one "occurrence". Just be sure you get one time-card punch per week to keep your health insurance. In our local, there's 4 weeks to fix any non-punch medical insurance :censored2:ups. So if they forget to code you for sick time or PTO, you can go after them, and there's time to fix it before medical bills go to collections. (Of course, never acknowledge a debt that isn't yours by default).

    Stay the f home, people who come to work sick infuriate the :censored2: out of me. Do not let UPS bully you over your health.